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WAAS with HSRP drops connections

Hi, I'm trying to implement a WAAS topology with two WAE 512's and two WAN routers at the core and 2811 with a 512 module at the tail sites. The core routers are running mHSRP and each WAE uses a different HSRP virtual IP as their default GW. The problem i'm getting is TCP connections do not establish when the connection is made to the WAE who's default GW isn't the source of the connection. Any ideas, could I be hitting CSCsk47177 (i'm running 4.0.13 on the WAE's).

Thanks Brad.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS with HSRP drops connections

Your problem description is not very clear, can you elaborate a little. CSCsk47177 applies to inline deployments only, are you using pbr or wccp for interception. If using wccp, I would start with the interception and verify that packets are first getting to the WAE. You can check "show tfo conn summ".


Re: WAAS with HSRP drops connections

I'm using wccp for interception and have the wae and hsrp routers in the same vlan. The wae's have the hsrp routers interface ip address in their route list and are using the hsrp virtual ip's as their default gateway. Their are two hsrp groups, hsrp_r1 is the active for group 1 and hsrp_r2 is active for group 2. Wae1 uses group 1 as the default gateway and wae2 uses group 2 as the default gateway. The hsrp routers have two sub interfaces, one for the wae's vlan and one for the lan network. The wae vlan has "ip wccp redirect exclude in" configured and the lan vlan has "ip wccp 61 redirect in" and "ip wccp 62 redirect out" configured. Interception works fine for packets between the tailsite-wae and wae1 if they are received from hsrp_r1 but not hsrp_r2 and vise versa but not if the packet come from a router other than the wae's default gateway.




Re: WAAS with HSRP drops connections

This is just a guess, but when configuring the WAEs for interception with HSRP enabled routers please remember to configure the actual IP addresses in the WAE router-list and the virtual ip address as the default gateway.

When you configure WCCP for use with Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP), you must configure the WAE with the HSRP or the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) virtual router address as its default gateway, and the WAE WCCP router-list with the primary address of the routers in the HSRP group.



Re: WAAS with HSRP drops connections

I found the problem, needed to configure the egress method for WCCP GRE

"egress-method negotiated-return intercept-method wccp"

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