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Wave 274 Crashed, and took down Virtual Blade.

       I have got the new hardware in place, and it is back up and running except for the virtual blade.  I had ftp'ed the blade a few monthes back to our ftp server, but we cannot get it back up and running.  So I am thinking it is corrupt.

How do I go about building a new server on this device? Do I just put an iso of the the 2008 setup disk in and create it there?

I am more of a vmware person.

Can I create the server on vmware and convert the vmdk file to an iso file and then just ftp it to the local1/vbs directory?

What version of vnc do I need to connect to the server once it is there and built, I am using enterprise edition E4.5.4(r41964)


Re: Wave 274 Crashed, and took down Virtual Blade.

Ok, I got the correct version of vnc, tightVNC works.  Now It seems my server image is corrupt, and I need to build a new server.  All the documentation I see says that an iso comes factory installed on the device called WOW66.iso.  I am not seeing this image to restart the server build.  Any idea where to download this?

Any idea where to find

wae#  copy cdrom wow-recovery / WoW_RECOVERY

I did not set this up and do not have the disk.


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