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WCCP GRE between ProxySg & 6509 ?


I want to run wccp gre between bluecoat proxsg and 6509 but i don't understand if it is possible with GRE (best practices "Cisco catalyst  6500 wccp gre return is handled in software",  Bluecoat doc  :"Typically, GRE forwarding is supported on software-based switching

platforms such as the Cisco 800, 1800, 2800, 3800, 7200, and 7500").


currently it's not run with windows seven client and ie7 and http in vlan 62 (wccp 1 redirect in).

Packets are bypassed (Total Bypassed Packets Received:     281) but there are exchanges between proxysg and 6509. where is the problem ? GRE ?

Thank you for your help !

Currently :

Cisco 6509 :

6509#show ip wccp 1

Global WCCP information:

    Router information:

        Router Identifier:         

        Protocol Version:                    2.0

    Service Identifier: 1

        Number of Service Group Clients:     1

        Number of Service Group Routers:     1

        Total Packets s/w Redirected:        110

          Process:                           0

          CEF:                               110

        Redirect access-list:                100

        Total Packets Denied Redirect:       0

        Total Packets Unassigned:            36

        Group access-list:                   -none-

        Total Messages Denied to Group:      0

        Total Authentication failures:       0

        Total Bypassed Packets Received:     281

6509#show ip wccp 1 view

    WCCP Routers Informed of:

    WCCP Clients Visible:

    WCCP Clients NOT Visible:


ip wccp 1 redirect-list 100

Extended IP access list 100

    10 permit ip any any (110 matches)

    20 permit tcp any any eq www

    30 permit tcp any any eq 443

    40 permit tcp any any eq 8080

interface Vlan62

description EvoLAN_data

ip address

no ip redirects

no ip proxy-arp

ip wccp 1 redirect in

ip pim sparse-mode



WCCP :  v2

Forwarding/Return : Generic Gre

Assignment type : Mask

Home IP Router : (Loopback 6509)



Please look at the following document.

I see that the Bypass counter is incrementing in the given output.

WCCP Bypass Packets

Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) intercepts IP packets and redirects those packets to a destination other than the destination that is specified in the IP header. Typically the packets are redirected from a web server on the Internet to a web cache that is local to the destination.

Occasionally a web cache decides that it cannot deal with the redirected packets appropriately and returns the packets unchanged to the originating router. These packets are called "bypass packets" and are returned to the originating router encapsulated in generic routing encapsulation (GRE). The router decapsulates and forwards the packets normally.

Troubleshooting Tips

Problems have been encountered because CPU usage is very high when WCCP is enabled. The counters enable a determination of the bypass traffic directly on the router and can indicate whether or not this is the cause. In some situations, 10 percent bypass traffic may be normal; in other situations, it may be high. However, any figure above 25 percent should prompt a closer investigation of what is occurring in the web cache.

If the counters suggest that the level of bypass traffic is high, the next step is to examine the bypass counters in the web cache and determine why the web cache is choosing to bypass the traffic. You can log in to the web-cache console and use the command line interface (CLI) to investigate further. The counters allow you to determine the percent of traffic being bypassed.

see if the above doc helps.


Ajay Kumar

ok, i understand that the problem is on proxysg and not the 6509.

But it's possible to run GRE fow wccp between ProxSg (Generic Gre Forwading/Return) and 6509 ? 6509 manage WCCP-GRE for forwarding not Generic GRE ?

Thank you.