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DevNet Women in Tech 'Do-ers' Workshop [Las Vegas]


What is it?

It's our second DevNet Women-in-Tech hands-on workshop in Las Vegas on Sunday, July 10th in the DevNet Zone! Read the personal invitation from Cisco VP and CTO, Susie Wee!

Sunday, July 10, 2016: It's two half-day sessions where you can get hands-on with hardware and software in a supported environment. A Cisco Live Explorer Pass is required to attend this event, however If you weren't planning on attending Cisco Live but would still like to come, you’ll see we've a few free Explorer Passes available for just that purpose! Find out all about the Women in Tech Do’ers Workshop.

  • Session 1 offers guided learning to get you started in your journey into the world of IoT, with an intro to IoT, an intro to REST APIs, plus we'll cover the basics of electronics/Arduino prototyping.
  • Session 2 is where you'll create your first IoT app, and have plenty of hands-on time with the team to put your new learnings into practice!

Bring your laptop. If you’re a beginning coder, roll up your sleeves. If you’re an advanced coder, then come help your fellow community members.

Find out more and register to attend the workshop

What's the Cisco DevNet Women in Tech community?

It's a global community which all Women in tech can join and participate in!

It's a place for women to learn, code, and build software technology innovations, and do so in a supportive environment. It doesn't matter if you are technical, non-technical, a coding novice or an advanced programmer. We welcome anyone who wants to get hands-on with software and share their experiences.

Not a woman but want to help? While our community is focused on women in tech, we welcome men who want to contribute and be involved. Let's work together to build a thriving, supportive community.

Find out more about the Cisco DevNet Women in Tech community

Location :DevNet Zone, Cisco Live, Las Vegas, USA
Event Visibility Public
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