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OpenStack Summit [Barcelona, Spain]


OpenStack Summit is held twice a year in various locations throughout the world - don't miss the upcoming event in Barcelona where Cisco and Cisco DevNet will be.

Charles Eckel from Cisco DevNet will be delivering the following #vBrownBag!

Hands on with Containerized Deployment of OpenStack

Hearing a lot about OpenStack and want to check it out for yourself? See just how quick and easy it is to install and start using OpenStack using containers running within a VM on your own laptop, or if you prefer, within a sandbox provided for you.

OpenStack Kolla provides production ready tools to deploy OpenStack services as Docker containers that can be managed and upgraded easily. To help you explore Kolla and OpenStack, we provide access to a VM with a containerized deployment of OpenStack Mitaka and step by step instructions. Acquaint yourself with the environment. Learn your way around Horizon (GUI) and the CLI to view and operate your OpenStack cloud. Best of all, take what you learn with you and experiment on your own to discover all OpenStack offers you.

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Please refer to the event site for event times and schedules.

Location :Barcelona, Spain
Event Visibility Public
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