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Cisco Small Business Support Community Named a Top 100 Champion in the 2013 Small Business Influencer Awards

Cleveland, OH, October 16, 2013 -  Cisco Small Business  Support Community has been named a Top 100 Champion in the 2013 Small  Business Influencer  Awards.

The Small Business Influencer Awards honor those  who are influential to small businesses in North America, through the  products, services, knowledge, information or support they provide to  the small business market.

The Awards are designed to recognize the unsung  heroes of small businesses – those who support and encourage  entrepreneurs and small business owners, and help them achieve success  and stay successful.   The Champions are chosen based on a combination  of voting by the small business community and a panel of judges steeped  in the small business market, who considered the contributions of the  nominees over the past year toward:

  • advocating on behalf of small businesses,
  • providing products or services that address the unique challenges faced by small businesses,
  • revolutionizing how small businesses do business or how they solve business challenges,
  • helping small businesses grow,
  • or otherwise impacting small businesses in a significant way.

Says Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business  Trends and one of the co-founders of the Awards, "Influencers are those  who play crucial roles in the small business ecosystem, but who often  are in the background.  The Top 100 Champions have distinguished  themselves in some way.  We’re delighted to see the wide range of  Champions and Honorable Mentions this year – including non-profits,   academia, journalists who’ve spent decades covering small business  issues, corporate leaders whose names may not be widely recognized but  who impact small businesses by influencing the offerings within their  companies , vendors large and small that support small businesses,  analysts who aid our understanding of this market, and entrepreneurs who  have a strong voice among their small business peers."

Awards co-founder Ramon Ray of notes, "Being recognized by the community as a  Top 100 Champion also reinforces with employees that their dedication  and hard work has paid off.   The Awards are intended to provide that  added boost in motivation and morale that can make a big difference in  results.  We’re also delighted at the Honorable Mentions, who definitely  bear watching over the coming year!"

About the Small Business Influencer Awards

The Small Business Influencer Awards,  now in their third year, enable the small business community to  nominate and show their support for those that influence and support  them. The Awards have an open nomination period, followed by community  voting, and then a judging period by a group of industry-knowledgeable  judges.

The Small Business Influencer Awards initiative  is produced by Small Business Trends, an award-winning online  publication, serving over 6,000,000 small business owners, stakeholders  and entrepreneurs annually, and, a media company  that produces online content and live events educating small and  mid-sized companies on how to strategically use technology as a tool to  grow their businesses.  The Awards can be found on the Web at:


Anita Campbell, CEO
Small Business Trends LLC
Twitter hashtag:  #SMBInfluencer

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