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CLI you need to enter to enable a capability on UC520 that couldn't be implemented with CCA 2.0.1 that are ignored by CCA (safe), but would be nice to add in a future release of CCA.


Please add your requirement by clicking on the add a comment link below. Be as specific as possible and include the business requirement you are trying  to solve as well as the detailed CLI you entered.

Eivind Jonassen

It would be nice to have a function that enables the possibility to add SIP end user phones. I guess it´s not supported, but I would still like to see that CCA could do the configuration instead of doing the CLI part of this config.



Eivind Jonassen


Adding a dn for monitoring of a GDM

Uploading files to flash

What about beeing able to upload files to flash through CCA? Background images etc, and execute the tftp-server commands through CCA after the upload is completed.

Editing DN´s

Editing the Name and Description for the ephone-dn.

The ability to turn huntstop/huntstop channel on and off would be great.

Adding DN´s that are not assigned to any phones but are used for other funtions for the end user



Joseph Chambers

How about adding on- & off-ramp faxing?


1.  I would like the ability to copy phone buttons from one phone to another.   Most of my installs have several 7931 phones and the only way to speed the button configuration process is to copy them from one phone to another using CLI.

2.  The ability to turn on / off auto extension assigning.

3.  The abilty to create dummy extensions.  Because the Speed-Dials have no ability to be assigned directly to a button, I sometimes create dummy extensions and then Call-forward all to the needed phone number.  This way I can assign a speed dial directly to a button.  This is very necessary on 7931's and the new SPA500S Expansion Console.

4.  Call Forward All - I don't see anywhere in CCA to set an extension to call forward all.

5.  CCA will not all the use of a number in the First or Last name fields.  Not all phones have a first and last name like Conference Room 2, or Lobby Phone 2.


1. Multiple unique Tunnel support for IPSEC - a variety of cases require this such as the accountant vpn tunnel that only needs access to a specific machine and port, a tunnel for the IT guy when he is different from the phone guy, more than one tenant sharing the system. In all of these cases I need to be able to assign them the ip pool of my choice, the dns of my choice, and create an acl for each. Don’t add a limit like 3, it’s not enough. If you need a limit then use the limit of the device.

2. Same but for SSL if it’s possible.

3. Customer interface for:     A. allowing them to record their own AA outgoing message and then choose the prompt they want to use for their assigned AA.     B. Minor management of phones such as speed dials, first and last name, labels     C. ability to set call forward for any extension without having to walk to the phone, 1 central interface     D. upload and set the background graphic    

4. Ephone-dn and ephone creator so that OOB ephones can be created and even auto-populated with the next available OOB number (which a choice to change it)

5. CCA support for providers who configure two IP networks for their integrated T1 products. For example XO typically gives you a voice and data network on the same interface (or two). CCA support for assigning each network to the correct function would be nice.

6. The ability to choose one upgrade from the upgrade package. Sometimes when applying an update package to the UC520 the CUE upgrade will fail. If I am correct my only choice is to run the entire upgrade again. I would like to see CCA examine the package contents show me a list and then allow me to check off what needs to be upgraded. This would allow me to run it a second time and upgrade only the failed items.

7. Anyconnect support

8. Multiple Anyconnect clients so that we can support Mac, Linux, and 32bit/64bit Windows. If we are to sell this as the 'all in one solution' it limits us to selling to Windows only shops or going to third party vpn clients.

9. A section of check boxes for all types of global commands, one example is calling number local

10. Better caller-id support for non-contiguous blocks of DID numbers. Sometimes we get 3 or 4 single numbers and then a block of 20, a block of 10, a block of 30. Perhaps adding a field on the phone extension tab where you set the buttons and labels is a good place. Use a default setting and I can program the caller ID I want for that extension when I setup the phone. There are times the dedicated did for that user is what needs to be used for outbound CID and other times they want each user to have a dedicated did for their phone but use the main company line as outbound CID. Give us the choice and flexibility to do it either way. When the CID field is updated in the phone tab it would create the translation which would then show up in the caller id tab in the outgoing section. That way if I am doing bulk caller id creation I can do it from the outgoing/caller id tab. If I am creating or updating a user on a singular basis then I can change the caller id from the voice/users tab.

11. No requirement in the voice/user for first, last, user, or password. If they don’t get voicemail because we didn’t set the password then its ok. It’s usually the opposite which is creating first, last, user; pass for phones that don’t need it.

12. Auto-fill with suggested username and password based on the first and last names entered for a user. default password Cisco, password, 1234, whatever. Most customers don’t want to use the password anyway and never know it.


Using a "Key" system configuration we assign each line to buttons on phones.  Today, I had to configure some of the phones to ring "silent" for the CO Line assignment.  CCA does not support slient ringing in a Key system.


Ability to 'redirect' the MWI for a Group VM box