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CLI you need to enter to enable a capability on UC520 that couldn't be implemented with CCA 2.0.1 that are ignored by CCA (safe), but would be nice to add in a future release of CCA.


Please add your requirement by clicking on the add a comment link below. Be as specific as possible and include the business requirement you are trying  to solve as well as the detailed CLI you entered.

Eivind Jonassen

Hi Cindy,

This was a clever way to start improvements on CCA

I would like to add a digit to incoming called numbers. I have to add a translation rule to every voice translation profile on the UC to have a leading 0 for incoming calls.


voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^\(.*\)/ /0\1/

voice translation-profile AA_Profile

translate calling 1

translate called 2001

Would also be nice to add "label" to the ephone-dn's in CCA instead of changing/adding them in CLI

  1. Editing or Adding ephone templates whould be nice.
  2. Being able to restart an ephone.
Steven Smith
Rising star

Hi Brian, you can restart an ephone today from CCA.  In the topology view, right click on it and you should see the option.


Did not know that. Thanks!

Steven Smith
Rising star

You can change the labels in CCA today.  Under User Extensions, click on the phone, when the lower window changes to that phone, you should see Button Type Extensions Label.  Change the label there.  I am using 2.0.1, but I am pretty sure this was available in 2.0 (might even have been in 1.9, but in a different location).

Steven Smith
Rising star

Good comments so far guys.  We really appreciate this feedback.

Eivind Jonassen

Great Steven,

Learning new stuff every day.




Yes, but ephone templates was the one I was referring to.

Some others that I just thought of are:

  1. Adjust volume of MoH port
  2. Adjust gain / attenuation of voice ports
Eivind Jonassen

What about custom AA scripts??

It would be great to change the script parameters on customs scripts.

From the unity express web UI:

Voice Mail > Auto Attendant > Edit
Script Parameters

Eivind Jonassen

My SIP provider uses several IP´s for the "CCA_SIP_SOURCE_GROUP" part of the config. I have to use CLI to modify access-list 2 to permit the subnet;

voice source-group CCA_SIP_SOURCE_GROUP
access-list 2
translation-profile incoming SIP_Incoming


access-list 2 remark CCA_SIP_SOURCE_GROUP_ACL
access-list 2 remark SDM_ACL Category=1
access-list 2 permit a.b.c.d
access-list 2 deny   any


Multi SIP

Hi, it's possible support over one SIP. I use your script Load Balancing with 2 internet account and I have 2 SIP 1 SIP for In other SIP for OUT (And one SIP for special number)

- SIP A (IN) -> SIP B (OUT)  : And if it's possible make redirect


Can you update connection of PPPoE for accept more External modem ethernet Like VDSL with option regular ping for don't lost connection.


In FireWall can you add more option like black and white list, IP, Address MAC, port, protocols.

Scheduler for access to internet if it's possible can give access to internet only for MAC address added in system at x time...

regulator of band-width Internet by port, IP, Mac Address, and at x time.

Like IP in 8h to 18h GMT, 5d, Internet ON, regulator OFF, Rules FireWall Work.

Like IP in 18h to 23h GMT, 5d, Internet ON, regulator ON 30k, Rules FireWall Games.

Like IP in 18h to 8h GMT, 2d, Internet OFF.

And please add Option for modify sensibility of scan port, flooding,...

Internet Connection UC520 and others

I have 3 Routers but all time connect to bad router. Can you add one option Manual IP DHCP. And all other information it's auto ask DHCP (optional DNS)

AIM, Jabber, ...

Many person in company use AIM for chat can you add option in your system

With that user can see if internet are ready or not, directly in phone. with small green icon, and red if not. watch iChat.

Power Safe

With product of Cisco like phone 7965G you have bouton green for reactive product can you add in this same bouton for turn off.

Compact Flash (CF)

Can you change format FAT 16 to FAT 32 or ZFS (and support over 4GB)

For can use CF for backups Voice Mail...

Update system

When users want make full update it's very complex many other product have auto update.

Cisco Update send internal serial and log to account by internet alone, make local backups in CF, And update system and if dosen't work reload older version and give choice to admin for this option.

And if it's possible mount partition of CF like USB Key by SMB protocol. For more easy update system manually.

VoiceMail in CCA

in CCA can you add interface graphical like map tree for see all products when incoming call enter. like (inspiration software) and can make simulation. (FR #1, EN#2, ...., Sale #2#2...)

it's more easy work in map tree when you have complex system answer


it's possible have regulator of power for Wifi like 25%, 50% 75% 100%. or have auto regulator.

Have nice work


John Platts

I know some ISPs that need settings that are not exposed in CCA for WAN interfaces. The setting that might need to be overridden for the FastEthernet0/0 interface is the ip mtu setting. This problem, even though it can be fixed by making the changes in CLI without breaking other settings in CCA, really needs to be fixed in CCA because it is essential to the proper functioning of the UC520 unit.


Audio In Port (CLI + CCA)

Can you add value of volume and change that.

And it's possible add links of iTunes streaming or iTunes Local Server

Voice Number FireWall (CLI + CCA)

With my Phone RNIS I can block different number by method : go directly to answer system, refuse this number, it's all time occupied... Can you integrate this concept. In each personal phone can have bouton for ban number. Admin receive mail for confirm or not this choice. Or phone of this user are all time accepted for ban number.

Add in CCA Generator template interface for phone (CCA)

Can you update general interface of phone. And integrate generator for change that, like see each bouton and can with drag drop for change color style, template and tree of bouton.


Load-balancing script (CCA)

Can you add module for manage load-balancing directly in CCA

Eivind Jonassen

Adding leading digit for incoming calls (CLI)

I would like to have an option for adding leading digit for incoming calls, so that when a user has missed call, he doesn´t have to edit the number before dialing back.

Adding a dial-peer for fax port that are not dependent on leading digit for sending outbound fax (CLI)

I would also like to have the option not to have to dial 0 (or 9) for outgoing fax´s. There are alot of customers from old PBX´s that are not used to have to dial 0 (or 9) before sending a fax.

Number manipulation

it would also be nice to be able to edit the translation rules in general inside CCA instead of manually do it in CLI.