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Command Line Interface *NEEDED* for the RV220W

We definitely need a Telnet or SSH command line on the RV220W.  Until the GUI is stable (I've had a number of instances where it has locked up and become inaccessible)  we need an alternative way to access at least a command shell where we can reboot this device.  The RV042 used to have a backdoor undocumented web page where you could enable this function, I'm wondering if the RV220W does too?  It would be very useful for us testers to know!

I note that one of our EFT group, Jay, is currently locked out of his until this coming Sunday and since he's travelling cannot reboot his device.  It's functional in the sense that port-forwarding is working as his email server, PPTP server, etc., behind it are still accessible.  It's jut the web interface that's problematic.

I'm going to look through the backup of the config file to see if there's a switch in there that I can set and then restore back to my RV220W.


As Eric stated, I'm dead in the water until I get home Sunday night from vacation (I'm in Tennessee at the moment).  ALL reachback management capability via the router is out the window.  I can't access the management console across the open internet, nor can I access it directly via a vpn connection to ANY of the establshised subnets due to the web gui interface being crashed. 

I'm sure I mentioned the possibility of IOS for this router in an earlier post, but now, it's a definite.  In addition to IOS needing to be a part of this router, "failover/fallback" should be a "basic" function of this router as well.  Again, this router is awesome small business material and I'd hate to see it "miss the mark" like the WRV54G did.

In short, IOS would be the icing on the cake as well as immediate failover/fallback capability in the form of either a USB port, a COM port or both.  If I had the choice, I'd opt for a USB port allowing access for a national carrier (i.e., AT&T, SPRINT, etc...)


Certified: CCNA (R/S, Security, Voice), CCDA, CCNP (R/S)

Yes, but I believe IOS is not portable cross platform and probably doesn't support the chipset (board and CPU) of the RV220W.  That said, these devices seem to have generous flash and RAM.

By the way, I'm wondering when CIsco is going to sue the Apple fanbois for calling their OS "iOS".  Gimme a break!  Personally iThink it's gone too far. 

Jay this RV220W is Linux, not Cisco IOS.

We need a CLI via telnet/ssh to Busybox like the Linsys WRTx series of routers with 3rd party firmwares. This will give us the ability to check memory usage and start/stop (kill -9) processes if we have issues with the router.

Regards Simon

Copy that...

Don, is any of this hitting home on the issue?   


Certified: CCNA (R/S, Security, Voice), CCDA, CCNP (R/S)

Sorry guys but this router (and like other SMB router) doesn't support CLI interface. Even for us here, we have to request and design team provided us w/ special fw load just to telnet/ssh into the device for debugging purposes.

Personally I also would like to access CLI. What I can do is to raise the issue as mentioned in this forum and *hopefully* can persuade design/engineering team to support that function.

>This will give us the ability to check memory usage and start/stop (kill -9)

Simon, that is another issue that the design team does not want to enable CLI access via telnet/ssh. It's ok for us experienced user to play w/ the commands (Linux). But for other , who does not know ( or know too much ) what he/she is doing can do serious damage to the router and then return to manufactory.


the reason for the CLI is for testing only.  if one of the linux gurus adds busybox he can at set what commands we can use and what we cannot.

The RV0xx series has a hidden features of cli, though limited since the OS was OpenRG

Regards Simon


I'm with you all the way on this issue. Unfortunately there're other factor preventing certain features/functions to be provided by this router, e.g. cost vs. sw complexity vs. maintenance...

RV0xx indeed does have a hidden command to enable telnet/cli. However this router model doesn't. What it does have is console connector (inside the unit). Not sure if this would help any (perhaps to be used w/ terminal server?)

yes i have seen the jtag/serial connection on the main board. though i am not going to add anything to it:).

Regards Simon
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