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How to bookmark a discussion or document


Do you have a favorite discussion and document that you constantly refer back to?  If so, Bookmark it.

Bookmarking allows you to easily see your favorite discussion and documents in one location.  Here is what you need to do.

1)      First you need to register with to get your Cisco ID (username).  If you already have registered and have a Cisco ID, all you need to do is login.

The login area is located on the top of the community:

how to bookmark 1.jpg

2)    When you see a discussion or document you would like for future reference, go to the actions panel and choose “Bookmark This”

how to bookmark 2.jpg

3)    A pop up screen will come up for you to fill out then click on save.

how to bookmark 3.jpg

4)    Go to and click on the file folder icon called “Account” and scroll down.

how to bookmark 4.jpg

5)    You should be able to see all your bookmarks here in one convenient location:

how to bookmark 5.jpg

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