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Is Health Report really that?

Brian Bergin
Level 4
Level 4

The "Health Report" isn't really a health report, it's more of a Status Report isn't it? Also, seems like the Maintenance Report and the existing Health Report should be combined into one "Status Report.  In all actuality, they all belong in the same report since EoX would fall under status too.  Clean up the columns, too much wasted white space, and let us move columns around and select which columns we want to see and you could do this just as easily in a single place.  Just my 2¢...

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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The terminology and the reports are the same as in the currently shipping FindIT 2.0.  Not that this invalidates the feedback at all.

The Health report is intended to summarise the maintenance and EoX reports and also take into account the availability of any firmware updates.  In future, we can also add field notices and other information as well.  In any case, the point is that it is a summary, while the other reports provide all the gory details for that area - all the different end of life milestones for example.

I'm not sure how we could get all of this data into a single report without it becoming unwieldy, even with the ability to customise the display.  The excess whitespace is likely because the table expands to fit the available real estate.  If you shrink the width of the browser, you will see that go away.  However, if we assumed a wide display and added more columns, then the table would likely overflow the edge of the screen when looked at on a laptop.

In any case, it's certainly something we can look at more.  I don't consider the reporting functionality 'finished' by any means.