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Anna Tsukerman


Cisco OnPlus Team is excited to announce the availability of OnPlus Mobile App for Android and iOS mobile devices.

OnPlus Mobile App for Android and iOS is a perfect companion for your Cisco OnPlus Service. Access your customers' networks, wherever you are, to discover, monitor, and manage networked devices, receive notifications, and get the latest news about OnPlus Service and Cisco Small Business.

Q: What do I need to start using the OnPlus Mobile App?

A: You will need to have an active Cisco OnPlus Partner Account or Authorized Agent account on the Cisco OnPlus Beta portal (

Q: Where can I get the OnPlus Mobile App?

A: To obtain the OnPlus Mobile App

•    Android – Search for “onplus” in the Android Marketplace

•    iOS – Search for “onplus” in the Apple App store

Q: What mobile devices are supported with the OnPlus Mobile App?

A: OnPlus Mobile App support the following deivces:

  • Mobile phones:

• Android phone (Android OS version 2.2 and later; 3.0 is not supported)

• Apple iPhone 3GS or 4G (iOS 4.2 and later). Apple iPod Touch is also supported.

  • Tablets:

• iPad and Android tablets are supported for the OS versions listed above.

Take a tour of the OnPlus Mobile App with the OnPlus Mobile Getting Started Guide:

We would like to hear from you! If you have any questions, product feedback, feature requests, or general comments, you can post them here or send us an email:


Cisco OnPlus Team

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