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OnPlus Mobile App Feedback: Let us know what you think


Welcome to OnPlus Mobile App Feedback page. We  would like to hear  from you! If you have any questions, product  feedback, or feature  requests, please post them right here.

Best Regards,

Cisco OnPlus Team

Frequent Contributor

Needs the ability to add/save your user name and password so you wouldn't have to log in every time notifications alert. Not sure if this is just on my phone (DROID X)

Also needs a submit button under log in, the only way to log into the app is hitting GO button on keyboard.



Cisco Employee

Thanks for the feedback. Username should be auto saved. We intentionally left out password save for security reason. Based on the current design of not remembering password, user will see GO on the keyboard after entering in the password. If we were to add remember password, we will add submit button.


1) There’s got be an Exit (terminate the app) option. Honestly, I do not want notified (turning off notifications doesn’t stop the notices in the task bar) by the app 24/7, that’s what text messages should be for and I’m betting that having it run 24/7 has to eat battery life.

2) It appears to only support portrait mode during login. For those of us with long CCO logins, complex passwords, and large fingers I much prefer to be able to rotate to landscape to enter information as the key sizes are much larger for my fingers.

3) Ok, so this is petty, but it’s also a huge pet peeve of mine. Sound where there should be silence. The start-up sound is, well, obnoxious. I have dozens of apps installed on my DroidX (OS version 2.3.3) and not one single one launches with a sound, let alone a fully harmonized musical phrase, including a tuner for musical instruments. I can just imagine loading it in a meeting, or a library, or airplane with wi-fi and having this interrupt others. I found that it can be turned off, but only after you’ve first logged in and it really has no business there in the first place.

4) Another pet peeve of mobile apps. The permission requirements are out of bounds for what the product appears to do. For example, why do you need to be able to take pictures and videos? Why do you need to know where I am (GPS/network-based location)? Why do you need access to my contact data? All you should need to know about me, my company, and our mutual OnPlus clients is what the OnPlus portal has gathered or been provided. I totally understand modifying SD card data (I assume that’s cached data your saving) as well as full Internet access, but much of anything else is beyond the scope of OnPlus.

5) Maybe I’m missing something, but if there’s a red box next to a device in inventory I should be able to tap on it and it tell me what the red box is for.

6) In landscape topology mode, there’s never a zoom level where I can read the names of the devices. Zooming in makes it very pixelated but at the default zoom it’s so small there’s no way to read it. Either the font needs to change in zoomed mode or you might as well remove it.

7) Can there be an option to not load the icons for each device? It’d be 10x faster if it just loaded text. 3G or 4G or whatever, I’d rather fast over pretty (though I’ve pointed that out even in the standard browser based version as well).

Cisco Employee

Thanks for taking the time to give us great feedback. We will work to address these usability issues in the coming updates.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for taking time to provide us feedback!

To address your questions in #4:

Q1: why do you need to be able to take pictures and videos?

A1: OnPlus Mobile app allows you to add a customer to OnPlus, and  as part of the customer profile information, you can add a photo.

Q2: Why do you need to know where I am (GPS/network-based location)?

A2: OnPlus mobile app uses this information to provide you with directions to a customer.

Q3: Why do you need access to my contact data?

A3: When you add a customer to OnPlus, there is an option to import the contact information from your contacts.

Our  overall strategy for OnPlus Mobile app, is to offer partners  capabilities that go above and beyond of what you can do in the browser.  For example, we are looking to let OnPlus partners upload various   pictures into the customer profile notes. Imagine  taking a picture of  the wiring ports on a switch at a customer site,  saving it into an  OnPlus customer profile notes, and then, if you ever  needed someone to  remotely unplug a cable at a remote office, you can  instruct that  person: "Please, unplug the cable in port #5" . Or  perhaps, if you  would like to save a picture of the customer storefront  or a whiteboard  drawing or a specific project, you could keep track of  all of this  information in the customer profile notes section. Allowing our app to  access Photos and Videos would be essencial for these capabilities.  Additionally, having access to your GPS location would allow us in the  future to show you which of your customers are near by or display all of  your customers on a map relative to your location.

If you have any ideas on how the unique features of  the mobile platform could be used to enhance your overall OnPlus  experience, please let us know.

Thank you,



Hi all,

Well I've played with the app. a bit over the last week (for iPhone)... here's some feedback:

First, disclaimer - I like iPhone and iPad app's and mobile app's in general.  I used to do some hobbyist PalmPilot development years back, back in the day, etc., etc., so I have a tremendous amount of respect for developers in general - particularly ones who have to deal with "small screens" and the various limitations of mobile devices - but I won't bore you with the gory details, as that could be a very interesting rant all of its own.  ;-)

That said, honestly I have to say - at least so far- that I actually prefer the web-site/optimized for iPhone Safari interface better than the actual iPhone app.  In fact, so much so that I'd be majorly bummed if the web site interface optimized for iPhone were to either go away or otherwise not be maintained.

Why?  Here are some reasons:

- Speed & Reliability #1.  I seem to get a lot of "Internal Server Error" when trying to use the iPhone app.

- It seems faster and easier to get to the Topology screen in the web site, as opposed to the iPhone app (still haven't quite figured out how to do so)

- Overview screen in Safari looks nicer, and shows more status lines, than the iApp.  On mobile devices, that's really important

- I'll second Brian B's remarks that I also can't figure out what the red or yellow squares mean.  I would intuit that it means that something needs my attention and/or that I should be able to click on something for more information, or to take action, but I can't quite figure out what it is - or where to go/what to do

Again - this is intended as constructive criticism, not an iApp beat-down or to take away from the enthusiasm of trying to refine the product or support mobile platforms....  I love the concept and I'm similarly critical of other App's that have been released - such as the AutoTask PSA for iPhone - which, although is a great concept, is essentially so slow that it's pretty much unusable.  I always use their web browser version instead...

Hope that helps...

-- Dave Bainum, PMP* (

RiteTech LLC / / Tel. +1 (703) 561-0607

[*PMP=PMI Certified Project Management Professional]

Cisco Employee

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback, to address some of the items listed:

- We will contact to find out more about the "Internal Server Error" issue.

- To see the topology on the app, you simply turn the phone clockwise or counter clockwise from the inventory listing.

- More status lines on the overview screen, do you mean more status line on the Device Listing?

- The red or yellow squares, are you refering to the Inventory list? If it is, when you click on it, it will bring you to the device detail. Sounds like the better flow would be to bring you to the device event listing first. We will work to come up with a better icons.

Thanks again for the feedback. We are perfecting the app with your valuable input in the coming updates.

Cisco Employee

Updated OnPlus Mobile app yesterday on Android Market and App Store. This update includes the following:

  1. New menu, Cisco, is available now, contains: Contact  Information, Firmware, Field Notices, Product Security,  Advisories,  Software End of Life, Hardware End of Life,  Warranty Information
  2. Map Directions (from current location to customer address) on Customer Profile
  3. Bug fixes

Check it out and give us feedback. We are looking to do an update about every 3 weeks. Next update will have some performance enhancements.


Thanks, Andy and all.  Some feedback:

- Any thoughts on caching the password or logon if the user chooses to eg via a settings option?  Of course there's a security tradeoff, but IMHO physical security (eg. hands on the device itself and/or lack of a phone or screensaver lock) is always going to trump any other safeguards, anyways.  At least until we get into a point where all devices have a fingerprint reader built in, and/or we can stsrt genetically engineering humans with SecureID tokens embedded in their wrists.  :-)

- The sort order seems a bit off.  Eg. I have an OnPlus device in our list that is called z-Test (to force it to the bottom of the account list).  It seems to appear in an unexpected place on the mobile app.

- Perhaps some thoughts about supporting a disconnected state (eg. airplane mode or lack of signal).  Not sure what the most important "cached items" would be - obviously the biggest value is in realtime status of course - but there may be some minor things that peoole may want to be able to do while disconnected.  Eg. Maybe view the alerts and/or clear them, view the list of clients, etc.

- A bit of a BHAG and I'm not sure how practical or how often this would be used, but what if you could use the camera to take a physical photo(s) or short video of a device, then associate it with the OnPlus object that it represents either for documentation or other purposes.  Or possibly some other information to help someone physically locate the device (I suppose most peoole will just do notes for this - Easier)...  Yeah, I know that's kind of "out there"...

- Would love to see a link to the Support community in there, similar to the full site (unless I missed it)

I think that's it for now, but I'll keep playing with it as time permits...

Cisco Employee

Hi Dave, good stuff. I think that attaching pics or short videos to devices is a killer idea. From my days when I was out in the field installing hundreds of circuits to small businesses, I can imagine how useful this feature could be in documenting the network and visualizing the connections. I'd add a rich-text field to this feature request to record notes alongside the images.

Regarding the caching of passwords at the user's request, that's a tough area for us because of the security implications. A lost device could obviously expose your customer's network to attack if the authentication were saved. I personally think that the likelyhood of a lost mobile device winding up in the hands of a malicious hacker with the skills necessary to exploit a tcp-based attack via a tunnel is much less than, say, if one were to save their OnPlus portal credentials in their web browser on a computer that gets infected with a virus.

Your comment about the genetic secureID made me think about the problem though. Maybe we just need an alternative authentication mechanism that isn't as much of a pain to use on a mobile device. Facial recognition login?



Great ideas.  Re: the security, yeah, I see your point... For simplified logon - Maybe some sort of a user-definable guesture, pick a few graphics from tiles, or a PIN code perhaps?


-- Dave Bainum, PMP* (

RiteTech LLC / / Tel. +1 (703) 561-0607

[*PMP=PMI Certified Project Management Professional]

Cisco Employee

To address couple of points you made:

1. Next update of app will have remember password option in the Setting tab which allows you to turn it On or Off.

2. The sort order you mentioned, is it the inventory list sort? If it is, then app first sorts base on severity of event on the device then sorts by name of the device. The reason is we though partner would care about the severity before the device name. For customer list, app sorts base on connectivity first then sorts by name. So we bubble items that require attention on top.

3. We have not look into cacheing data for disconnected mode but it is an interesting idea. We will add that to our backlog.

The picture idea is an awesome one. We heard the same from other partners as well. We will put this feature into our backlog and look to implement it soon. This is kinda idea we like to hear more of. What featrue can I enable on the mobile device, that's with me everywhere, can help me do my job and serve my cutsomers even better? For example, we are investigating on how we can use the camera on the mobile device to do inventory tracking with bar code scan. Can I scan the bar code on the device and when the device is plugged into the network it will automatically come up with some sort of pre-staged config I have on OnPlus and automatically search out for latest firmware.

Cisco Employee

Oh... support community is there. After you log in, go to News tab and then go to Community.

Cisco Employee

We just released a new update to iOS and Android app. Check it out...


Just installed on brand new iPad running iOS 5.0 and after logging in it says "Operation Failed!".  Updated on my DroidX & it says "Internal Server Error, try again."

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