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OnPlus Roadmap - What do you think?

Efrat Noy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear OnPlus Market Trial Participants,

As a valuable and respected partner, we'd love to get your opinion on our next wave of OnPlus development.

Here are the items we're thinking of:

  • Multi-site customer support - manage a single customer with multiple sites (each with an OnPlus appliance)
  • Local Telnet/SSH to devices - create a secure Telnet session to a device on the network, through OnPlus
  • Zero-touch OnPlus Agent activation – Activate the OnPlus appliance without being present on-site
  • Support Community Discussions - extract product-relevant discussions and information, to be viewed in the device window
  • Network Health dashboard - view a real-time status of network health in a dedicated dahsboard
  • PSA Integration (Connectwise and Autotask)-
    1. Create customer accounts and share customer information between OnPlus and the PSAs
    2. Map OnPlus events to relevant fields in my PSA
    3. Perform OnPlus functions through my PSA tool
  • Role-based access - your engineers can be assigned priviledges to view/modify different managed customers
  • Bulk-configuration push - OnPlus can apply and manage set configurations to devices in your global inventory
  • Bulk-Firmware push - OnPlus can schedule the setting of firmware images across like-devices in your global inventory

Please tell us what you think! Rate them, comment on each or on a few - either way, we appreciate your comments!

Thank you!

The OnPlus Team

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Client portal!! So our clients have their own view.

Zero touch OnPLus reset.  I had to reset using USB and manual reset. 

I will 2nd the End-User or "Read Only" portal, so that clients (or others) can view things, but not change things.  Ideally implemented in such a way that permissions can be assigned by account (e.g. technician or staff member) as well as by location/client.  So, you could have a "Read Only" or limited technician who might be able to read or have limited rights to multiple accounts... or on the flip side, a client who could only access their own account, most likely in a read-only fashion.

Good stuff!

-- Dave Bainum, PMP* (

RiteTech LLC / / Tel. +1 (703) 561-0607

[*PMP=PMI Certified Project Management Professional]

Hi John, the manual reset with the USB stick was for converting the cloud plug prototypes for the Beta version of the portal. That won't be required for resetting the production OnPlus units on the OnPlus Service.

Once we get some mock ups of an end user, read only view we'll share with you guys in an upcoming WebEx and see if its what you're thinking.


A network health dashboard is great idea from an operational point of view, a

Also keen to see role based access

Thank you Phil. Always appreciated.

Just curious - for Role-based access - is it your intent to use it for your own engineers, or for creating an end-user experience?



Hi Efrat,

Aploagies my answer was a bit simplistic...

The way I am looking at this product is from an Opertional and support View and my main drivers as discussed is to be able to deploy hosted IP solutions using Cisco products into SMB environments, the main concern is the local LAN setups and how much valuable engineer resource is required to support these.

With OnPlus what I am hoping to see is the ability for different levels of access into a customer network so the different levels of support can get the access they require.


  • Admin Level --- Engineers, Once connected they can do there magic on any box they wish, absolutly valubale to able to get inside the custy network and access network equipment.
  • Support Level --- Access to lower level views and access with a dash board view for the quick and easy support, ie duplicater IP's, Switch port Settings, Interface errors , temp, missing devices etc, sort of like the CCA views available. 
  • Customer View --- Important View I think as when pitching a solution like this giving a Customer a dash Board only view of his Network gives them a confidence and a value add, also can add to service offering difference for companies like myself,


Phil Moore

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the feedback and ideas!

We're thinking that, at a first stage, we'll see 3 different types of users:

  1. Master Agent (Admin level) - the VAR owner, or admin.
    • Read-Write Access on ALL networks
    • Can invite and approve/reject sub-agents to see its customer-base
    • Same as exists today
  2. Sub-Agents - the SEs that work at the VAR, and manage the VAR's customer networks
    • Read-Write or Read-Only access per customer site
    • Master Agent would determine their access level per customer site, upon approval
  3. Customer View - the Small Business owners that the VAR manages their networks
    • a particular case of a sub-agent
    • Woudl be invited by the Master agent
    • Provided Read-only access only to its network

At a later stage, we're looking into adding more functionality as you describe in "Support Level" - such as a Network health dashboard, or getting more granular on the type of devices or actions that each sub-agent would be able to preform.

What do you think of this plan?



Hi Efrat,

For me that sounds exactly what I was hoping to see and thaks for passing this info back , the later stage elements health dashboard etc I believe will be important but happy to see a move in this direction.... you cant do every thing at once I understand with feature and resource priorities ... or can you ,

Thanks again for the update and listening to my humble suggestions , will look forward to seeing the access level changes in upcoming releases


Phil Moore

I would also like to see the "reports" have more detail about a SINGLE site.  Also customizable with partner logos.. 

This way I can give a monthly report to my client showing them an executive level of the monthly findings...  Maybe this report will help drive sales of Smartnet... by showing the devices out of warranty or that have Vulnerability to drive sales of smartnet and onplus services. 

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