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The OnPlus Beta portal was upgraded to the latest OnPlus 7.2 Release on May 2, 2012.

With this new release, we are excited to announce new additions to the OnPlus Wireless Management capabilities!

OnPlus continues to fully support Cisco’s latest Small Business Access Points WAP121 and WAP321, with features listed below:

  • Automatic Discovery of Access Points and their wireless clients within network topology
  • Asset Inventory device information such as serial numbers,  IP Address,   MAC Address, Model Number etc for the Access Points and the  associated clients
  • Firmware Upgrade of Access Points
  • Remote Access to Access Point GUI without a static WAN address
  • Remote Monitoring   & Alerting
  • Service Contract & Warranty Information,   PSIRTs, EOL/EOS and Field Notices

Whats New?

In addition, OnPlus Release 7.2 offers a new “OnPlus Wireless Management” App for incremental wireless features such as reporting. The App accessed under  “Apps” page on the customer dashboard menu. Installing the OnPlus Wireless Management App will open a new wireless dashboard exposing features specific to WLAN management, such as Reporting.



Wireless Reports

Here is a list of WLAN Management Reports and the content it brings to light -

Wireless: Access Point Summary

  • Access Point Summary per site
    • Configuration Status: IP addr, Name, Radio Status, Firmware version
    • Configuration Details: Model, Mac Address, Serial number, Active Firmware, Clustering
    • Radio Details: Radio Status, Radio Name, Radio Mac address, Wireless Mode, Radio Channel, Channel Policy, Maximum Clients, TX Power.

  • Access Point Status History
    • System Up-time, Status History Graph, History data table per Access Point

  • Client Association History Total
    • Client Association History across all Access Points

  • Client Association History by Access Points 
    • Number of wireless clients per SSID per Access Point, per hour/week/day

  • Traffic History Total
    • Wireless Traffic History Total for all Access Points (Transmitted, Received and Dropped Bytes)

  • Traffic History by Access Point
    • Wireless Traffic History Total per Access Point (Transmitted, Received and Dropped Bytes)

Wireless: Client Summary report

Wireless Client Summary report which shows the static data on cover page and dynamic data in a time series graph:

  • Active Connections by Access Point
    • Instantaneous Snapshot Per Access Point - Client Mac address, IP, Last Access Point Associated, Last Seen, Device Manufacturer, Connection Time

  • Active Traffic by Access Point
    • Instantaneous Snapshot Per Access Point - Client Mac address, Received, Transmitted & Dropped bytes

All reports can be scheduled instantaneously, daily, weekly or monthly

Notes, Caveats & Limitations

  • Wireless Report generation requires the OnPlus Wireless Management App to be installed

  • Wireless reports that were created in OnPlus release 7.1 will remain available in the report list for preview/download. However, going forward, the OnPlus Wireless Management App is required for any new data collection and so one must install the App to resume valid report generation. Since the reports now consist of several new chapters & data, it is best that one deletes the existing scheduled rule and create a new scheduled reports containing new chapter sections
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