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POE issue

cindy toy
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(Don Diep is the originator of this post)

Please check out this POE issue that Dave had reported. We are  looking into this issue. Wondering if anyone else might seen same  problem?

From: Dave Hornstein (dhornste)
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:28 AM
To: Don Diep  (ddiep)

Hi Don,

Saw  a very interesting phenomena today on my SG300 switch.

Noticed in the hyperterminal console,  that there is a option to put the SG300 in  Layer 3 mode, so I did.   Thought I would give it a try.

After doing that I again setup  tagged VLAN for vlan  100 (uc520-voice) , because the unit factory defaulted…ok SG300 said it  would do that…so ok.

But  I noticed that my POE devices would not come up…I have the log below,  but it shows nothing,

See  the first screen shot,  it shows max power available at 1W.

OK, thought then to default my machine  and reboot.  POE power was still gone.

I unplugged the power cable and after the reboot POE  power was restored, see second screen capture below.

( My guess- Seems to me that something  like a register may have got stuck off, and a removal of power  initialized the registers.)

Otherwise all has been stable over the last week.   No other problems observed.

I did think these units could go into cli mode, what  is the new command to go into CLI mode?

Regards Dave

2147483614   2010-Mar-09 14:28:10  Informational   %AAA-I-DISCONNECT: User CLI session for user cisco over  console , source destination TERMINATED. The Telnet/SSH session may  still be connected. 

    2147483615   2010-Mar-09  14:26:14 Note   %COPY-N-TRAP: The copy operation was completed  successfully 

    2147483616   2010-Mar-09 14:26:12  Informational   %COPY-I-FILECPY: Files Copy - source URL  flash://startup-config destination URL HTTP:// 

    2147483617   2010-Mar-09 14:25:32 Note   %COPY-N-TRAP: The  copy operation was completed successfully 

     2147483618   2010-Mar-09 14:25:30 Informational   %COPY-I-FILECPY: Files  Copy - source URL running-config destination URL  flash://startup-config 

    2147483619   2010-Mar-09  14:25:12 Warning   %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: g1: STP status Forwarding 

     2147483620   2010-Mar-09 14:24:42 Informational   %LINK-I-Up: g1 

     2147483621   2010-Mar-09 14:24:40 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g1 

     2147483622   2010-Mar-09 14:22:56 Informational   %LINK-I-Up: Vlan 100 

     2147483623   2010-Mar-09 14:20:07 Informational   %AAA-I-DISCONNECT:  http connection for user cisco, source destination TERMINATED 

    2147483624   2010-Mar-09  14:19:17 Informational   %AAA-I-CONNECT: New http connection for user  cisco, source destination ACCEPTED 

     2147483625   2010-Mar-09 14:18:24 Informational   %AAA-I-CONNECT: New  http connection for user cisco, source destination ACCEPTED 

    2147483626   2010-Mar-09  14:18:12 Note   %SYSLOG-N-LOGGING: Logging started. 

     2147483627   2010-Mar-09 14:17:52 Informational    %BOOTP_DHCP_CL-I-DHCPCONFIGURED: The device has been configured on  interface Vlan 1 , IP, mask, DHCP server 

    2147483628   2010-Mar-09 14:17:50 Warning    %BOOTP_DHCP_CL-W-DHCPIPCANDIDATE: The device is waiting for IP address  verification on interface Vlan 1 , IP, mask,  DHCP server 192. 168.10.1 

    2147483629   2010-Mar-09  14:17:47 Warning   %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: g1: STP status Forwarding 

     2147483630   2010-Mar-09 14:17:46 Warning   %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: g10: STP  status Forwarding 

    2147483631   2010-Mar-09  14:17:36 Informational   %AAA-I-CONNECT: User CLI session for user cisco  over console , source destination ACCEPTED 

     2147483632   2010-Mar-09 14:17:17 Informational   %LINK-I-Up: g1 

     2147483633   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Informational   %LINK-I-Up: g10 

     2147483634   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Informational   %LINK-I-Up: Vlan 1 

     2147483635   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g10 

     2147483636   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g9 

     2147483637   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g8 

     2147483638   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g7 

     2147483639   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g6 

     2147483640   2010-Mar-09 14:17:16 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g5 

     2147483641   2010-Mar-09 14:17:15 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g4 

     2147483642   2010-Mar-09 14:17:15 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g3 

     2147483643   2010-Mar-09 14:17:15 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g2 

     2147483644   2010-Mar-09 14:17:15 Warning   %LINK-W-Down: g1 

     2147483645   2010-Mar-09 14:17:12 Informational   %SNMP-I-CDBITEMSNUM:  Number of startup configuration items loaded: 0 

     2147483646   2010-Mar-09 14:17:12 Informational   %SNMP-I-CDBITEMSNUM:  Number of running configuration items loaded: 0 

     2147483647   2010-Mar-09 14:17:06 Informational   %INIT-I-InitCompleted:  Initialization task is completed 

    Clear Logs 

Regards, Cindy If my response answered your question, please mark the response as answered. Thank you!
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I will see if I can replicate this.

The command for entering the CLI is available in the FAQ:

1.      How do I access the command line mode?

-    Log on to the console as normal with the configured user name and password
-    Type ‘ctrl-z + 4’
-    Type ‘lcli’
-    Enter the same user name and password

To get out of cli mode
-    Type ‘debug-mode’
-    Type ‘menu’

I was able to recreate the issue, but only one time.  Following your steps above, it happened the first time, but every attempt since then, I have been unable to recreate it.

The attached screenshot shows the max power 1w and used 0 when it should be 125 and 5.  The POE device would not turn on.

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