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Small Business IP Video Surveillance Pricing Calculator


SurveillanceBrian Avery of Cisco Small Business created this IP Video Surveillance Pricing Calculator to simplify the process of developing a solution BOM and quote for Cisco Small Business IP Video Surveillance solutions.

Included in this Excel Calculator is the ability to quickly develop a BOM that includes:

  1. Inclusion of Video Monitoring Software (Basic, Plus or Advanced)
  2. Selection of core Cisco IP Video Surveillance Camera Models (PVC2300, WVC2300, PVC300, VC220, VC240)
  3. Selection of camera accessories (lenses, enclosures)
  4. Selection of POE Switching (Small Business 300 Series and ESW500 Series)
  5. Inclusion of Smart Storage for storage of video surveillance feeds
  6. Small Business Support Services

The tool has variables to set the purchase discount, customer markup, quantities, and options for support and financing.

For more information about our IP Video Surveillance technologies:

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