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Small Business Support Center Local Business Hours


Please see below for the Local Business Hours for your country:

CountryLocal Business Hours Monday - Friday
CountryLocal Business Hours Monday - Friday
Argentina9AM - 6PMLuxembourg9AM - 6PM
Australia9AM - 6PMMalaysia9AM - 6PM
Austria9AM - 6PMMexico9AM - 6PM
Belgium9AM - 6PMNetherlands9AM - 6PM
Brazil9AM - 6PMNew Zealand9AM - 6PM
Bulgaria9AM - 6PM
Canada9AM - 6PMNorway9AM - 6PM
Chile9AM - 6PMPanama9AM - 6PM
China9AM - 6PM
Columbia9AM - 6PMPeru9AM - 6PM
Costa   Rica9AM - 6PMPhilippines9AM - 6PM
Croatia9AM - 6PMPoland9AM - 6PM
Czech Republic9AM - 6PMPortugal8AM - 5PM
Denmark9AM - 6PMRomania9AM - 6PM
Ecuador9AM - 6PMRussia9AM - 6PM
Egypt9AM - 6PMSaudi Arabia9AM - 6PM
Singapore9AM - 6PM

Slovakia9AM - 6PM
Finland9AM - 6PMSouth Africa9AM - 6PM
France9AM - 6PMSouth Korea9AM - 6PM
Germany9AM - 6PMSpain9AM - 6PM
Greece9AM - 6PMSweden9AM - 6PM
Guatemala9AM - 6PMSwitzerland9AM - 6PM
Taiwan9AM - 6PM
Hong Kong9AM - 6PMThailand9AM - 6PM
Hungary9AM - 6PMTurkey9AM - 6PM
India9AM - 6PMUkraine9AM - 6PM
Indonesia9AM - 6PMUnited Arab Emirates9AM - 6PM
Ireland8AM - 5PMUnited Kingdom8AM - 5PM
Israel9AM - 6PMUnited States9AM - 6PM
Italy9AM - 6PMUruguay9AM - 6PM
Japan9AM - 6PMVenezuela9AM - 6PM
Korea9AM - 6PMVietnam9AM - 6PM
Community Member

Hi Cindy

My email is



Luca Pieroni

As always, things work in Italy with a timezone all its own.

Are 9.20 and the chat is not yet available.

Krishna Babu

Iam Krishna Babu from India. Iam facing issues with my ASA5505 firewall which has gone to ROMMON mode. Iam not able to access the chat due to my company network policies. Subsequently, I have put my issue in the discussions forum for which no responses have come up yet.

Could anyone please suggest which door to knock now?

cindy toy
Rising star

Krishna - I moved your discussion to the correct firewalling/security area.  You had originally posted it in the teachers without borders area.  Unfortunatly, I am unable to help you further since your product is an enterprise product and not a small business product.I suggest that you go back to your above link and reply with the word, "bump" so that it can be seen by those in that area.


Hi Cisco SMB Team

Regarding with the RMA, can you share the local telephone number for Indonesia





Dear Cisco team,

We are FPT warranty, We are having goods that's opened case RMA. Please help to provide procedures to solve this issue.

Thank you!


The cisco dealer go out from my country. 

I need to claim for warranty on my RV110w  in URUGUAY

Can anyone tell me where i can go?   

Walter Bentancur    

Community Member
I got one Cisco switch SG-500XG-8F-8T (S/N:DNI18230GN2) with one port no.3 failure. My vendor and me already make reported to Cisco two week ago, first support from India and India passed to US, then still cannot make the RMA or resolve my problem issues till now. I bought a lot of Cisco switch and now I feel it was very difficult for after sale support and service. I will consider to stop the Cisco product for next project. Problem Issues: 1. Port 3 failure . Connect to 3 different physical server LAN port, 3 different model and type of LAN card, 3 different model and type (within 10Meter) LAN Cable. - Failed 2. Upgrade and Downgrade new, old and latest firmware - Failed 3. Port 3 Status. Switch side LED light unnormal blinking, Server LAN site no LED light but get 100M Link only. Very funny! 4. Change to another port or all unused port then everything are OK. Get 100M,1G,10G and LED blinking normal at both side. All problem issues and status already reported and informed but I think Cisco support team still cannot trust us???? US support time and Malaysia working hour are different. We waiting US support time and call them to login my switch but by informed that no engineer(US working hour) at the moment and waiting long time. We also want to back home to sleep!!! Colin,

Hi Cisco SMB Team

Regarding with the RMA, can you share the local telephone number for Indonesia



Hi Cisco SMB Team




Regarding with the RMA, can you share the local telephone number for thailand


Hell i need to buy cisco catalyst 9500 and cisco nexus 9300 . The qestion is i must be buy dna license to make switch work or the switch work without the dna license just need license to work ...




I need to report something regarding Cisco Certificates. How can I do that?


How do I get help for my RV 260 cisco router? The default factory password "cisco" does not work.

I have already opened a ticket but no one seems to help.

Why do you ship material that does not work?



Would like to update only CISCO WLC on  existing CISCO environment.

Existing using  Cisco WS-C3850-24S-S

Existing WLC Model & AP:



Which WLC with AP model will be best for Existing L3 Switch support.




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