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SMB Smart Designs


Cisco Smart Designs provide network solution implementation best practices in an easy-to-follow format. These documents help partners achieve increased profitability by incorporating the design guidance in these solutions. These simplified and pre-tested networking solutions are created for partner success - while minimizing operational complexities and deployment risks.

Smart Designs are available at Partner Central:

(appropriate CCO login required to view the SBCS Smart Designs)

Smart Designs offer partners valuable network deployment best practices, helping them grow a profitable Cisco practice and deliver a superior end-user experience. Cisco Smart Designs establish the technical foundation for Cisco Select Certification program and Partner Acceleration initiatives.

  • Simplified network design and implementation guides targeted at Small Business customers
  • Modular framework supports incremental products and technology deployments to provide investment protection
  • Adaptive designs allow partners to use as-is or customize for more complex scenarios and additional value add
  • Role-based documentation for different partner functions; from presales to successful and replicable deployments
  • Trusted network deployments designed and recommended by Cisco

Cisco Smart Designs are intended for partners catering to Small Businesses. Partners can use these resources to build a successful business using Cisco developed solutions for their client base. Smart Designs are documented through the following:

  •    Solution Overview – Customer-oriented solution summary
  •    Solution Datasheet – Partner-oriented solution summary
  •    Overview Presentation – Presentation slides outlining the solution
  •    Design Guides – Detailed description and guidance for a specific solution
  •    Implementation Guides – Includes step-by-step implementation guidance for a specific solution
  •    Configuration References – Detailed configuration information for deployment as a reference
  •    Application Notes – Addressing specific areas of practice, design, deployment, and maintenance as needed

We encourage you to take advantage of these design guidance resources and best practice recommendations to help commercial customers evolve their businesses with safe and strategic choices of infrastructure investments. Other Smart Designs at Partner Central can be accessed at Smart Designs portal:

Currently the following solutions are available:

Smart Business Communications System (SBCS 1.5)
The Smart Business Communications System is a highly integrated family of products specifically designed for Small Business customers. They combine voice, data, wireless, and video in a secure, converged network that replaces disparate legacy systems with a single streamlined solution.

SBCS 1.5 may present itself to be the most suitable solution for typical Small Business networks with up to 64 users.

Secure Network Foundation (SNF 2.0)
SNF 2.0 provides design guidance for the network foundation and secured interconnection for a typical Small Business network with up to 100 users. This design focuses on the critical aspects of the solution offering while minimizing the deployment complexities to connect up to 5 Branch Offices, Teleworker and Mobile Workers with the Main Office. This optimized design can be used as the basis for most typical opportunities that you may encounter within your Small Business markets.

Secure Network Foundation (SNF 2.0 for Advanced Deployments)
SNF 2.0 (Advanced Deployments) provides design guidance for the network foundation and secured interconnection of a larger network with up to 250 users including up to 20 Branch Offices, Teleworkers and Mobile Workers. Network redundancy (i.e. High Availability) and the use of Appliance based Security are presented as design options. Varying degrees of sophistication and component choices are offered to help tailor the deployments to the specific opportunities. You are encouraged to get familiar with theSNF 2.0 Architecture Overview to gain further understanding of network architectures and specific design considerations.

Unified Communications Solution (UC 2.0)
The UC 2.0 solution builds upon SNF 2.0 and Advanced SNF 2.0 infrastructures to provide IP communications capabilities for an Small Business customer that has a single business location or multiple locations that require reliable intersite communications. The design choices include Cisco Unified CallManager Express (CUCME) or Cisco Unified CallManager - Business Edition (CUCM-BE).

Wireless LAN Solution (WLAN 2.0)
The WLAN 2.0 solution builds upon SNF 2.0 and Advanced SNF 2.0 infrastructures to achieve a secure wireless LAN deployment in the Small Business environment. The design choices include standalone Access Point (AP) deployment or WLAN controller-based deployments to address advanced requirements (i.e. secured guest access and voice over WLAN [VoWLAN]).

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