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SRP520 Latest Beta Firmware


This is engineering build SRP520_1.01.27_007_061512_1126, which may be installed on any original SRP520 product (this firmware is not intended for use with SRP520-U product varients).

This code is provided for your evaluation use only at this time.  Support is provided only via this community and the srp500-beta alias until posting when it will be formally supported by SBSC.

Note: SRP520 Production Version 1.1(26) is currently available on  Follow the download link from, or follow this link.

What's New:

  1. Release candidate
1.1.27(006) Fixes:
  1. SRP521 reboots frequently when WiFi, VPN and Voice features enabled.
  2. CPU at 100% after 6 days operation
  3. SNMP: Incorrect sysObjectID for various SRP platforms.
1.1.27(006 New Features:
  1. Add support for Novatel USB551L 3G/4G USB modem.
  2. Add support for Huawei K3770 3G USB modem.

1.1.27(005) Fixes:
  1. Wireless Security cleared for SSIDs 1 and 2 when SSID3 added with no security.
  2. MIB incomplete when SRP527 used in Ethernet WAN mode.
  3. PPP & RPC failure after extended stress test
1.1.27(003) Fixes:
  1. VPN Connect button no longer present.
  2. Web UI issues after extended stress test
  3. Pantech UML290 stuck in set prefer mode when running old firmware.
1.1.27(002) Fixes:
  1. Voice port timezone 1 hour out.
  2. DNS attempts to use

Noticed on one occassion on the upgradewith this firmware via the web interface that the upgrade stuck on 98% with the power led flashing, after 20 minutes power cycled the device and the device repowered on old firmware, retried and second attempt 521 upgraded successfully.


Is there a release note that lists the fixes and changes in this release?


Andy, any info on what was addressed in this latest build ?

Cisco Employee

Hi Phil,

Over the 1.1.18(001) release, this image includes a number of stability improvements and minor cosmetic fixes in addition to the following:

Fixed Features:

ZTE MF636 3G modem is now recognised for carriers such as Orange.  This modem also now reconnects after failover/failback.

PPPoA now reconnects following authentication failure.

New Functionality:

ZTE MF626 modem is now detected.

QoS classification by destination IP Address.

Cisco Employee

Included in the 1.1.19(003) Build:

Bugs Fixed:

Web GUI error when configuring GRE.

Incorrect starting address chosen for DHCP Pool

LAN did not have option 12 host name on dynamic DHCP mode.

ZTE MF636 Dongle, if change any setting at "Mobile Network" page, the 3.5G wouldn't connect successfully.

TR-069: support "soapenv" name space.

Mobile network status display error while setting to connect on demand mode.

Modify the effective upstream bandwidth from 85% to 90% of ADSL trained rate.

DSL modem reboots under heavy (small packet) traffic on WAN side.

New Features:

TR-069: Add DHCP option 43 to get ACS url.

Annex M is added into MMODE modulation.


Hi Andy,

Any release notes for the .004 build ?

Cisco Employee

Hi Phil,

A comprehensive (and formal) Release Note document will be provided with posting of this release of course.

This release includes a few small fixes, including:

No RTP calling between local IP Phone and SRP FXS Port (CSCtj62454)

TR069: Changed "Connection Request URL" GUI parameter to "Connection Request Port" (GUI and XML API)

Fixed QoS issue where CoS value set incorrectly after classification

Resolved issue with FXS to FXS calls on SRP


Hi Andy,

I know this is beta , but any info on the main fixes so I know what I'm looking for when testing :)


Looks like a bug with this Andy,

just deployed this to one of my test units 1.1.23(002), I have a 3g usb dongle connected as the backup for the WAN, it appears after the upgrade that there is an issue where I have both the 3G and WAN interface are both up at the same time,  failover and recovery page shows recovery pending on the WAN but the interface pages show both the 3G and WAN interface up and conected with assigned IP addresses, I have not restarted this occured straight after the firmware upgrade restart.

Cisco Employee

Thanks for the feedback Phil,

Did you reboot and did this state persist?




Checking now, was going to keep it up in case you wanted any other info, I sent you the debug and config.

A restart resolved the issue

Cisco Employee

Ok - thanks Phil.

We'll take a closer look...



Also sent you some info , saw some DNS issues after the restart, all outbound DNS starting trying tio use even though the DNS was polulated correctly, issue resolved itself after I pinged a DNS address directly off the SRP

I am able to reproduce this DNS issue after a couple of reboots.

Cisco Employee


I am having an issue with Telstra 4G USB stick not being recognised. I have downloaded this trial beta version but it does not solve my problem. The USB stick seems to be ZTE MF821.

is there a fix for this?


Cisco Employee


We haven't tested this modem.  As the SRP520 (the old versions running 1.1 code) are now End of Sale, we have no plans to add support for this modem in this firmware train.



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