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Topology Discovery

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Level 1

Hi All,

Just some comments around Topology Discovery, I am currently running the OnPlus probe from behind a SRW switch with a majority of my devices connected via this switch, the router is a SRP521 and has some wireless connections, at this stage OnPlus does not seem capable of accurately displaying the network Topology or identifying the Voice VLAN form the SRP, from my example all network elements are show as connected via the SRP521 , it also does not detect the VoiceVlan connected devices  ,

here is the example, this is what the router currently seeing so has a mixture of VLAN1 and VLAN100

ScreenHunter_68 Jun. 07 12.32.gif

However this is what OnPlus sees, missing the Voice VLAN100 and the devices are not behind their correct network element, The uc320 sits behind the switch as well as VLAN100 device on IP, The PC connected on and IP Phone on are also sitting behind the switch, yet network topology does not show this.


ScreenHunter_66 Jun. 07 12.28.gif

I am guessing that possibly related to firmware versions running on network elements have the capabilities of working with OnPlus,  Firmware currently running on the major elements are,

SRP521           1.01.20 (009) May  2 2011


UC320              2.0.9 (3)


Phil Moore

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Michael Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Phil,

We tried to take a look from the OnPlus agent's perspective, but couldn't establish a tunnel to the device. Could you please check the security configuration on your network (firewall?) and check that port 11400 TCP is open for outbound flows? Here's a specific list of all the ports that need to allow outbound traffic in order for the agent to fully function with the portal:

53 UDP (DNS, if local servers aren't being used)


11300 TCP (Portal/Agent Heartbeat)

11400 TCP (Tunnel)

14931 UDP (WAN Network Performance monitor)

Let us know what you find and we'll take another look.