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Brian Bergin

Topology display issues & request

I'm finding the topography is unreliable in showing MAC/IP address info for devices.  Sometimes one can click on an icon and get the info pop-out on the right and other times you can't.  I don't seem to be able to reliably make it work.

It'd also be nice if each non-Cisco device would report it's name.  Right now I have a bunch of devices that I have no clue what they are based on the icon.

Finally, it'd be very nice if the Topology could show the NIC vendor in any information it provides.

David Harper
Cisco Employee

Showing the NIC vendor is planned, though at this point it won't be in 1.0.  Similarly, we do want to use a variety of protocols to glean more data about hosts in the network so we can display more information, but that is also post-1.0.

Regarding your issue with the basic info panel not reliably appearing, can you give us a little more detail about that?  When you see it happen, is the device you clicked on selected - does it have the orange circle around it?  Also, which browser are you using?  And is it only on host devices that you have the problem, or do you see it on network devices as well?


It's the pop-out on the right that has the MAC address and IP, it's not consistent.  Right now, for example, it's working great no matter the device I click on but yesterday after working for awhile it stopped showing me the info when i clicked on a device. I'll watch it and let you know if I can repro it.

It's always the way isn't it....

We'll keep an eye out for it here too.  We're testing across the different browsers, so I'd hope we can catch it.