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VoIP Registration Over Internet

Sorry I've been absent for a few, guys.  Next week is my "LAST" work week in the military    *smile*  Simon, weren't you just getting out of the military when I met you?  *heh*

Anyhow, a problem I've noticed is that when I'm using my RV220w for my VoIP operations, my remote extensions (phones, whether they're softphones or physical ip phones will register through vpn tunnels back to the central pbx I keep in my home office via the private ip range (  However, if I change the same phones to register via my ISP assigned WAN ip address, they won't register anymore, "YET" if I put my 871w online, they register and can continur to make calls.

Is anyone running any voice configurations to confirm this as well?


Certified: CCNA (R/S, Security, Voice), CCDA, CCNP (R/S)

just thinking out aloud. if you use the wan IP and it fails, o you need to possibly port forward any port for it to work?

Regards Simon


all ports required for forwarding are already forwarding:

Call Ports: 5000 - 5084

Audio: 8766 - 35000

I'm curious if I can still make the phone connections using SSL vpn as opposed to IPSEC vpn...


Certified: CCNA (R/S, Security, Voice), CCDA, CCNP (R/S)


Did you have SIP ALG enable? If not, let turn it on (Firewall>BasicSetting>SIPALG) and try again.

Please let me know the result.



Hi Don...

I actually have to turn SIP ALG off because it breaks the NAT.  The upside is that my newest voice PBX I put together using "FreePBX" (ver 1.4) is running fine.  Get this:  since I last posted this email, one of my softphones (i.e., countepath X-Lite 4) registered over the internet yet my Grandstream GXV3140 didn't/won't.  I'm getting ready to re-verify this but I think the non-registration issue over the internet may have something to do with my "physical" ip phone and not the softphones.

More to follow...


Certified: CCNA (R/S, Security, Voice), CCDA, CCNP (R/S)

Jay, please elaborate: "I actually have to turn SIP ALG off because it breaks the NAT. "

Does it break everything or just for SIP devices?

My bad for being late replying back on this.  It appears that VoIP registration over the internet is now working.  I actually have a VoIP account configured on my Grandstream GXV3140 that's registering across the internet (rather than to a local ip via a vpn tunnel) to a PBX I configured at my father's home office; he's running an RV220w by the way which is connected to mine via IPSEC tunnels (4).

The call quality is excellent when using a cabled connection.  I actually had my father purchase a wireless adapter for his phone so he could use it from his desk.  Every now and then a "humming" sound comes on the line, but other than that, it authenticates wirelessly to the RV220w without issue.

I sooooooo dig this unit...


Certified: CCNA (R/S, Security, Voice), CCDA, CCNP (R/S)
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