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AP lose IP static

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The Ap lose ip static, we thought the Ap was not able to communicate with the WLC with assigned static IP address. When this happens the ap will fall back ti trying ti get a DHCP address.

This occur randomly in platform controller 2504 with AP's model AIR-CAP2602E-E-K9 and in diffrent sites. These model AP are connected in differents switch.

We are trying to get more infromation about the error but is very difficult, becasue the error is very randomly.

The erros show spectrum

AP-FERRODISA-24' with static-ip configured as '' has fallen back to the working DHCP address '

We have sniffer in the AP and controller to get more information.

I have looked for the same errors, but in other cases the users have upgraded to other version.

The current code version is

There is a bug CSCua58662 but the solution is for AP-COS.

Can you say me if you have any similar problem?

Leo L
VIP Community Legend
That's not a bug. The AP is behaving correctly. During the WLC discovery phase, the APs static IP address will get over-written with DHCP IP address.

Everything APs have a static IP but randomly is lost ip static, this behaivor occurr in a few controller 2504 and in diffrent models fo the AP. 

We have checked wired in the controller with the switch and Ap with the switch.


Leo L
VIP Community Legend

IF the AP loses connectivity with the WLC, it will loose IP address and go DHCP because the AP doesn't know where the WLC is. 

Again, that's not a bug.  It is as designed.


I had the similar situation. i assigned static ip to AP. After connecting to WLC, the static ip was changed to another static ip. I think you do not need to care about this. as long as it can work, it is fine. but you still can change the static ip back to the original one on WLC. 

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