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SPA122 losing registration

I'm on and have tried the default settings with only the quick voice setup. And I have also tried's recommended settings for sipura/linksys.I have tried with a NATed cable internet connection, as well as a non-NATed DSL connection (wi...

robbikay1 by Beginner
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SPA3102 DialPlan - how to force SPA3102 to wait for signal from provider

Hello.I got next problem configuring my SPA3102.I have an analog telephone provider which provides next services:1. Tone dialing2. To call inter-city numbers using gw0 I have to call next sequence: 8, here_I_have_to_wait_for_a_sound_signal_from_opera...

SPA3102 PSTN to selected VOIP

Good morning,we are using Asterisk and SPA3102 to connect a PSTN line.Our PSTN number is 123.We wish to call an internal "xxx" number (SPA send an INVITE to xxx), calling 123xxx from another PSTN phone.We cannot send an invite to "xxx" directly, but ...

bertelspa by Beginner
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SPA 2102

Hi,I am using a device that acts as a door speaker system with 'ab' interface. It works quite well, but as the phone inside the house is hung up, the busy tone is received by the device but not detected. So the device didn't hung up.The company tells...