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SPA112 - IPv6

I know this has been brought up somewhere else close to a year ago, but it's 2016 and as of the latest firmware we still don't have IPv6 support on the SPA112. They claim it's IPv6 ready, but the question is when (if ever?) do they plan on releasing...

Cannot connect to SPA112

I have a brand new SPA112 and haven't have any success connecting to it by any means other than the IVR.   After a factory reset, I see DHCP requests and replies on the network. I can ping the device for ~3 seconds. During that time I see a DNS reque...

rbair by Beginner
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Hey everyone,   I tried to connect my 5370 to the SPA112 and it seems to be impossible to initialize. I thought it was possible because of it 'analogic' conception but i guess it was made only for our PBX...   Does anyone have already tried those kin...

Xen0m by Beginner
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DTMF Touch tone not transferring to Device that is plunged into it. SPA112, 2 FXS

hi we are trying to setup a viking RC-2A to Release our Door it needs to receive a touch tone code from the phone in order it should release when we are doing it with a analog phone it works perfectly fine. but if we do it with the line going thru th...

SPA112 dial out work with traditional phone but not with alarm panel

I have an SPA112 properly registered with a SIP domain (twilio).  When i plug in a traditional phone, i get dial tone and i can successfully originate calls.  So far as good. When i connect my alarm panel to the SPA112 and attempt to dial out (i list...