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SPA 3102 - PSTN Gateway Echo

Hi.                   I have one SPA3102 with last firmware.I use it to make VOIP calls with PSTN line.Calls come in on the PSTN lines and are routed to our 3CX server by SPA3102.The 3CX server connects the calls to the correct IP phone extensions.Th...

Spa3102 xlite-->PSTN

hii've configured (with forum and cisco support) my spa3102.i want call PSTN number from my pc (with xlite) connected trought vpn to the spa3102.i've:xlite (on my pc, vpn kerio addr  <---->  (public addr) ) vpn server  (lan addr 192.1...

SPA112 Scripted Reboot

Does anyone know a command line script that can periodically soft reboot the SPA112? Firmware 1.2.1 still hasn't fixed the uptime issues and the unit reguarly locks up after 2-3 days with no dial tones and response to web admin requests. You then nee...

mozambeak by Beginner
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SPA112 Crashes - No dialtone, restart needed - new firmware

Hi All, I  have a  SPA112  brain new,  with  latest  fw  loaded as  per  Cisco site  Version 1.2.1 (004)Since  the  first  installation  has  started to  show  the  same   problem as  described  also  in " SPA112 Crashes - No dialtone, restart needed...