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how to setup a voip communication between two office with legacy analog phones

Hi,We are planning to implement voip communication between our two offices. Which are connect two VPN with cost effect way, so planning to use legacy analog phones only .1, Can anyone tell me how is the working of SPA 112 or SPA 8800-G5? What is the ...

Resolved! SPA3000 Not Registering

I am setting up a voip system that will hopefully use the voip system to talk to each other and use a local pstn line to reach the outside world. The way I have everything installed is as follows. SPA9000 Voip Server:SPA941 IP PhoneSPA 3000 ATA Gatew...

SPA8800 & CID

Hi, Sorry to re-post.. I just think that the title of my previous post is not correct and I made some progress....I am using a SPA8800 as a gateway, connected to an Asterisk server.I am sure that the PSTN line send the CID of the caller....On the SPA...

stevemag76 by Beginner
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