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Resolved! SPA2102 auto hangup?

Hi,Is it possible to have a SPA2102 (FW 5.2.13) automatically hangup after a call has ended, or at least not play the off hook noise?We have it connected to specialized intercom phone, the guest dials a feature code to dial phones within the office, ...

kyle by Beginner
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SOLVED: SPA2102, WRP400, SPA8000, SRP521 and SRP521-U FAX NSE fails with empty Payload c0000000

Hi Experts.In my SIP network there is a Cisco PGW 9.6(1) used as PSTN gateway. PGW call agent controls many Cisco AS5400 via MGCP. We use Linksys SPA2102 to connect fax and modem devices.Both PGW and AS5400 are configured to support FAX passthrough u...

aemcomcco by Beginner
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