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Can I expand PSTN with VOIP


I'd like to validate a configuration, I'm 100% newbie and do not want to

do a mistake but want to learn.

Our phone lines in the house are now provided by the cable

company. They install 2 boxes in the house that provide 2 phones lines,

one fax line and also a line for modem (credit card payment)

After switching to cable company, we kept our old analog phone setup

in the house (PSTN).

Now we are moving our operation 1000 feet away from the house. The

contractor did a trench to run a fiber cable (network) between our

current house and the new location. We ask to run phone cable but he

didn't do it.

I believe that using VOIP over the fiber network would be cheaper

than redoing the dig and running cables.

We would like to achieve the following.

The garage will be a phone extension of our house system.

Phone in the garage will use the existing analog cabling,  no IP phone.

We would like to have the 2 phones ringing at both location

We would like to call with those phones from both location

We would like to receive and send fax from the garage.

We would like use our credit card machine(modem) in the garage.

The network between the house is an extension of our home network.

There will be no router.

It will use the same subnet

I was wondering if 2 SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway box,  one in each

end would do the job for our project. By looking at the diagram,

it seem to do what we are looking for.

I'm open to other solution

Thank for any input on this.



Can I expand PSTN with VOIP

you can use the 8800 or the 3102 (8800 is like 4x spa3102) for the line side, then a pap2t/spa2102 or spa112/122 (newer devices) for the remote (garage) side.

You would also need (perhaps a pair) a switch supporting fiber connections in the garage.

Here's a document describing this feature

convert pstn to voip then back from voip to pstn


Can I expand PSTN with VOIP


You mentioned SPA112:

Here is what I want to do:

I have exsiting IP based phone service provided by a company called Talkit (Canada). The providedd at Grandstream Handytone 286 ATA and I connected a cordless Nortel analog phone to it. Works ok.

Now I want to put an extension of the same phone number into another room. I purchased two SPA112s to try to do this. I have established ethernet connectivity and I can see and configure both units.

I connetced one unit to the phone line that runs from the Handytine ATA to my analog phone to one SPA112 and a second old analog phone in the second room to the second SPA112.

I made the following config changes:

I upagraded the FW to the latest version on both SPA112 units.

I set

Register to No

Use OB proxy to No

Make calls wo reg to Yes

Ans call w/o reg to Yes.

I was able ot get a dial tone on the second phone but when I dialed out to my cell phone I geta busy signal.

Another issue is that the SPA112 connected to the Handytone ATA seems to stay OFF Hook.

Please advise... or point tio a document where I can read about how to set these up.

I am assuming that I do not need to register the spa112s to my service provider proxy bu that rather that two spa112s will simply pass the incoming and outgoing calls thru.