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João Czarnobay

Can't make the call get in my Cloud PABX using Cisco SPA 3102 to adapt the signal



I have an analogue line and bought a SPA3102 to make the calls that I receive in this line enter as a DID in my Cloud PABX, so I can use all the features that the PABX offers to these calls.


But, the only problem is that I can't find the correct configuration.
I have a Asterisk-based PABX, in the options to add a DID it asks the number itself, host, username, secret.

But I don't know where to find this on the web interface of SPA3102, neither what I have to configurate on "PSTN Line" and on Dial Plans. Can someone who know this process help me? 

I read this tutorial but this isn't what I want:

Howard Wittenberg

The configuration link you posted configures the SPA3102 to automatically dial a number thru a voip provider you would setup on the SPA3102 PSTN Line Tab. In other words automatically forwarding the call to the number you setup in the dial plan.


What do you want the SPA3102 to do? Do you want the SPA to give the caller a dial tone and then dial the number the caller enters? This is done with the dial plan you setup on the PSTN Line Tab.  A simple dial plan could be ([*x]x.) which allows the caller to dial any number combination in addition to *.


Think of the SPA3102 as two separate line configurations with Line 1 Tab the conventional line for a voip phone and the PSTN Line Tab for the use of the PSTN Line. You don't really use any configuration on the Line 1 Tab, however it could be a good idea to configure the Line 1 Tab to use an attached handset to register to an account on your Asterisk system if just to make a call and test configuration to that point.


For the PSTN Line Tab you would configure an account setup on  your asterisk system checking the following settings:
Line Enable: Yes
NAT Mapping Enable: (Yes/No)
Register: (Yes/No)
User ID:


The dial play setup as PSTN Caller Default DP will determine what happens to the incoming call.

Generally you will use the Default configuration settings. For any detailed questions and explanation of the settings you should refer to the SPA3102 Administration Guide


There are settings to disable the ringing of the phone attached to the spa and also to delay the answer of an incoming PSTN Line call (to receive an incoming caller id).

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