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Cisco SPA112 "stops" working in less than 30 minutes after reboot

Hi there,

I have a newly purchased SPA112 which I use to get VOIP via the NBN network here in Australia.

Very soon after installing and setting up the device, I noticed that I cannot make or receive calls successfully within 30 minutes of my test call. If i reboot the device, calls can be successfully made or received again, but only for a short while until it "stops" working again. I say "stops" because there will be a ring tone when I call my number or make a call from the phone, but the other end never rings.

Checking the connection status of "Line 1" on my device, it always shows "Connected" and I have also verified with my ISP that they are able to view my line is successfully connected/registered even though I am not able to make or receive a call - they even attempted to call me on the VOIP number before reaching out via my mobile phone.

I have done numerous factory resets [currently on 1.4.1 (SR5) Oct 14 2019] with no success in successfully making or receiving calls after a short period of time after the reboot.

I currently have a full Unifi network setup and read that disabling "SIP" and "H.323" in the Unifi Controller should resolve the issues I'm seeing, but it has not been successful. And while I have multiple VLANs setup, the SPA112 is on the "primary" network (with basic firewall rules) and not one where I put and isolate my IoT devices (with numerous firewall rules). I also have a static public IP address and force the SPA112's primary and secondary DNS to that of my ISPs and not something like Cloud Flare's public DNS service.

Aside from trying to get a new device from the RMA process, I am running out of ideas. Has anyone else run into this problem or have suggestions of what else I could try?



Re: Cisco SPA112 "stops" working in less than 30 minutes after reboot

NAT issue. NAT mapping created by successful REGISTER expires within 30 minutes (based on your description) and is no longer valid. SIP packets can't pass thru then. Modify NAT settings and/or configure keep-alive to periodically refresh NAT mapping.


Re: Cisco SPA112 "stops" working in less than 30 minutes after reboot

Thanks for this. Before I saw this, I found another post on the Unifi forums that said enabling SIP (as opposed to most sites saying “disable”) works for some people - and it seems to work for me... for now. Still keeping an eye on things.