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Hail Mary to Howard Wittenberg?


Hi Howard,

Hope you are keeping well, and again I am relieved to see you still supporting this forum.

In need of your assistance again, sorry. :-(
I was off on holiday recently and I my SPA3102 set to forward PSTN calls to VOIP whilst I was away.
When I came back, I thought I had set the values back correctly, however I have now noticed that callers to my PSTN number have to go through the call screening I have in my BT phones, when they are already in the phone directory.


I believe I could fix it, however I cannot get into the device on it's ip address.:-(
I have connected a phone to the unit and checked in the IVR that the ip address is which it has always been. However I cannot for the life of me remember the password to enable disable the web interface. It has always been enabled from day one. I have unplugged the power cord and reset via IVR, but still cannot get into the web interface. I have confirmed the port is also the standard 80.


My query is, do I have any options left open to me, or is a factory reset the only choice I have.?


Hence the Hail Mary.


Hope to hear from you.

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Ok, after much thought last night and a little investigation, I found it was not the SPA3102 that was at fault, or my settings.

My powerline adapters had dropped the connection between them, despite showing to be OK.


Getting them connected again, put everything back as normal.


The SPA3102 was not on the network due to this and so could not register and everything else that goes with that.



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