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PAP2T is working with creditcard terminal, new SPA112 does not work at all.



We have several creditcard terminals communicating with a pap2t over a voipbuster account.

Problem is that the pap2t arent sold anymore and we just bought the SPA112.

This SPA112 is not working at all! but is the same settings as the pap2t.

Can someone explain this? debug log is available..


Patrick Born
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi ldieterman,

I don't have enough details about your configuration or problems to try and explain but can offer some suggestions.

1. Make sure that you have upgraded the SPA112 to the most current firmware available from

2. Once upgraded, factory reset the SPA112 to make sure you are starting from a known configuration

3. You say you are using the same PAP2T configuration, but don't mention if you use a configuration file or are manually configuring with the web-UI.

If using a configuration file, you cannot use a PAP2T's config file, you have to build a new one. Be aware that the layout of the SPA112 configuration file is more XML-like and you can very easily run into syntax errors or have a syntactically-correct file but have an illegal parameter name that will be silently ignored. My suggestion is to make small changes after a factory reset so you can determine where your configuration is wrong.

If using the web-UI, be aware that you must save/submit changes before changing tabs else changes will be lost. This is different behavior from what you're used to on the PAP2T.

If all of above does not help, consider opening a trouble ticket with Cisco support if you need formal call tracking and escalation and so on.

Otherwise, provide step-by-step details on the configuration that you apply and then describe *exactly* what you observe happening and describe *exactly* what you expect to have happened so that folk on the community can attempt to help you out.




I just did the above mentioned steps. The spa112 is at latest firmware, did a factory reset and for the config i used the web-gui to use the exact settings from the pap2t and used them in the spa112.

if got 2 wireshark file, 1 from the pap2t with a good connection and 1 from the spa112 which cant connect.

how can i attach the wire shark files.. or can i email it to someone that can take a look at it.

You can attach it here. Switch to advanced editor (just above right corner of edit window) then you will see "Attach Files" bellow advanced editor text window.

Don't forget to enable debug and syslog messages on both devices before catching the session.


It is very hard to analyze in this format. Please save the captured data as native PCAP format file in the future. But I wish I extracted the relevant informations, althougt PAP2T log is incomplete (low debug level, no SIP messages) and SPA1x2 log is "one way" (no SIP responses from PBX side.

Both calls has been connected using PCMA codec succesfully. No T.38. So, there must be something wrong related to the settings that are not negotiated with PBX. Like packetisation size or jitter buffer size.

Please attach configurations of both devices as saved within device.

the wireshark files:

Now you attached files with so many details (I mean irelevant packets not related to your phone nor PBX). Those files may contain communication that you may not wish to be public. I filtered your files to contain packets related to devices delated to issue. You may consider to remove attached files from your's previous message.

All at all, those files confirm my conclusions above. Both calls are succesfully connected using a-Law codec. I suspect that different packetisation may cause the problem. We need configuration of both devices.

There is no pap2t config, only htm file. for thespa112 is a config file.

Encrypted configuration file of SPA112 has little value for us. Use


to save unencrypted configuration.


SPA ATA: Saving Configuration for Analysis Using admin/config.xml

Retrieving SPA112 & SPA122 Configuration URL


What happens if you set the "Echo Canc Enable" to Yes?


nope still nothing

There is different FAX Passthru Method . But it seems not to be reason for problem. Also, I wonder why you have preferred codec to uLaw when your provider seems to support aLaw, but it also seems not be issue. You have different Ring_Waveform, but it may affect ring detect on incomming calls, not outgoing data call. So no issue as well.

In short, I see no substantial configuration difference.

OK, time for different idea. There may be something not set correctly on both devices, but different hardware may mean different sensitivity to incorrect setting.

  1. FXS port impedance on the ATA device must match line impedance of modem (may be internal modem in data terminal) conected to Line 1. If impedances doesn't match, the signal distortion may occur, real impact of such distortion may depend on device type.
  2. FXS port input/output gain need to corelate with modem settings as well. So lound or so silent signal may cause distortion as well. real impact of ... (see above)
  3. Data speed up to 9600 should work over aLaw codec only. Higher speeds may or may not work. If you are above 9600Bd, you are playing on the edge. It may work with some device but may not with other. What's modem speed of your data terminal ?

Paul Norman

I would throw the Spa112 in the bin and buy a pap2 or pap2t from ebay, just make sure you get a linksys one and not some fake cheap Chinese one.


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