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Problem for setting up the Cisco SPA122

Last week, I bougth a  "Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router" .   This router is recommended by acanac on their website  "" for their VOIP phone service.

On  the website they show how to enable the remote management but  we receive a message that we have to change the admin password  before.   It says that the password can be change by visiting the  Administration-->User List.  When we click on Administration, there  is no "User List".

I taught maybe I need to upgrade the software  so I went to the Cisco website.  In their instruction they write to  click on Administration in the menu bar and after click on "Firmware  upgrade" in the navigation tree.   The problem is when we click on  Administration there is no navigation tree or drop down menu.

I get nothing when I click on Administration no "User List" and no "Firmware upgrade".  I'm joining a PDF file with my document with screen shot.

Can you help ?



Rising star

Hi Annie,

Thank you for posting. It appears from the screenshots that you are on the Quick Setup Tab instead of Administration. Is that the case?

If you are on the Administration tab and you are not seeing the expected options, call Cisco Small Business Support and provide the serial number of the device. In some cases "provisioned" units are sold at retail and some features are disabled. We can check this based on the serial you provide.

Thank you for the information.   I tried from another computer and the navigation tree was there.  It looks like Firefox on the other computer messing up with the screen information.   Any idea why ?? 


Glad you figured out a way to find the settings. Unfortunately some browsers do not play nice with our network devices. I ususally use Google Chrome when configuring devices although sometimes it is necessary to use IE. I have not heard of this particular issue yet, thank you for bringing it to our attention.