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Pushing an XML configuration using curl

Pushing an XML configuration to an SPA112 using 'curl' as documented in the Provisioning Guide “Applying a Profile to the IP Telephony Device” page-36 doesn't appear to work on this OpenSuSE Linux system.

This problem evidently arises because the ATA access credentials (&xuser=<admin>&xpassword=<password>) are included in the destination URL.

However logging interactively into the ATA ADMIN account using a browser then executing the CLI curl command without access credentials:

curl -d @/<path>/config.xml "http://<ATA>/admin/config.xml"

works fine. It's a little clumsy, but it works.

The issue seems to involve curl because the (&user=admin&password=<password>) syntax works successfully when downloading a configuration. (Though it does leave access credentials in browser history.)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the documented method doesn't work?



Re: Pushing an XML configuration using curl

Unfortunately, documentation is imperfect. Cisco doesn't follow all changes in firmware - so it may be syntax for an old firmware (even original 1.0.2 which is no longer available at all). Or you hit firmware bug - unfortunately, Cisco doesn't care bug reports so much from users with no service contract (and even with it your chances for fast solution are not so good).


My advice ? Forget pushing using curl. Lets SPA112 fetch configuration from your Linux server instead. It can fetch it periodically, so there may be some delay, but it works.


And if you have local Asterisk, you can trigger fetch of configuration from it.


Note that new configuration causes device reboot most of time - thus service disruption for users.