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Selective Call Forwarding with the SPA3102

I have put much effort into trying to find out how to configure my SPA3102 so it will forward certain PSTN numbers to my VoIP number to no avail so far. Any help with this is appreciated.

My goal is to have the SPA3102 read the caller ID on incoming PSTN calls and forward two specific numbers, and only those numbers, to my VoIP number. I have an account with VoIPGo that has a voicemail feature.

If I go to the PSTN User Tab and fill in the fields under "PSTN-To-VoIP Selective Call Forward Settings" by putting the numbers I want to screen under the "Cfwd Sel1 Caller" and "Cfwd Sel2 Caller" field and the VoIP number I want to send them to under "Cfwd Sel1 Dest" and "Cfwd Sel2 Dest:" the SPA3102 will forward those numbers, but it will also disconnect all other calls before they can be answered.

Someone suggested I create a dial plan that handles the other numbers, specifically a plan that says all numbers should be sent to localhost. I did this under the "PSTN Line" section. (S0<:mck9024445339@>) is the plan. IF I do this, or in fact if I use one of many other plans that were suggested _all_ calls will be ignored. The numbers selected for call forwarding will not be forwarded. It will beas if the SPA3102 was not there at all.

I want the two incoming PSTN numbers I pick to be forwarded to my VoIP number where email will answer it and all others numbers to be ignored. (That is to say the phone keeps ringing.) Any help in configuring my SPA3102 to achieve this would be much appeciated.

The attachment to this post is a log file taken when one of the numbers that was supposed to be forwarded called and the number was not forwarded. At that tine, "PSTN-To-VoIP Selective Call Forward Settings" was filled out appropriately and under PSTN Line the dial plan (S0<:mck9024445339@>) was in use.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Hi John,

I think that i found a solution to you.

You must setup your SPA3102 to forward all calls to the destination number that you want.

Then, you must fill the field PSTN Access List with the numbers that you want to allow to reach the VoIP Numbert ( be forwared).

I'm don't know if is needed to setup a PIN to avoid other numbers to reach the number,please test if only with the Access List other numbers are blocked.

Your select numbers won't need to insert the PIN because they are on the Access List.

At the Access List numbers must be comma separated.

I hope it work, i don't have a 3102 on my hands right now, if i would i could test.


Andrey Cassemiro.


  Andrey, thank you for your reply. Between work being insanely busy and a lack of others with unblocked phone numbers willing to help me it has been difficult to test out this approach. It has been so long though that I thought I should express some appreciation before the subject is completely forgotten.  I am concerned that if I tell the unit to forward calls, but only allow callers on this list to be passed through anywhere it will hang up on  all callers not on the access list. However, you know better than I and I  am desperate enough to try anything.Will be making better attempts at testing this all out of over the next few days.

My approach to "You must setup your SPA3102 to forward all calls to the destination number that you want." is to go under the PSTN User tab and under "PSTN-To-VoIP Selective Call Forward Settings"  put an * character in the "Cfwd Sel1 Caller:" text field and my desired forwarding number under the corresponding "Cfwd Sel1 Dest:" text field. Hope this is a correct method to perfom the task.

Naturally, I will report the results for one and all when I finally test the approach you suggested. Thanks.