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SPA 112 busy outbound calls from line 2


I have a Cisco SPA 112.

I have configurate one number on line 1 and another number on line 2.

I have credit on both numbers to make calls and in information from configuration menu every line look registrated.

When i finished the configuration of each port everything was looking fine, i could call and receive from both line, but suddenly one day after from line 2 i couldn't make calls since i hear the sound of busy line; the numbers that i was calling were free.

After that i checked every configuration and since i have the same service on both lines everything were equal, except of course about the login.

Tried to change the phone, change the cable, invert the cable lines, nothing changed, looked like the problem was only from line 2.

So i decided to reset cisco device, but just the voice settings.

I reconfigurated each port but this time phone number 1 i put on line 2 and the other on line 1.

I configurated each port with the same parameters like i did before.

Powered on and off three or four times and now everything looks fine, i can make calls and receive from both lines.

Hope to have no problems again in future.

Can someone explain me why on line 2 there was that problem since every other things worked right?


I forgot to say that the first thing that i did was upgrade the firmware.


Waiting for a reply thanks for the help.

Dan Lukes

You worked hard to solve the issue, unfortunately, you missed the very first and most important step. You didn't analyzed who is refusing calls. As it works now, analysis is possible no longer. We can just blindly guess.


So, if the issue will return in the future, you should analyze the issue source first.


Is it your upstream provider ? In such case you can just call them and ask "why".

Is it SPA112 ? Then you are in charge to solve it.


You should capture the SIP packets between SPA112 and upstream VoIP provider (ask your network administrator for help). It will help you (us) to narrow issue source. Also, you can turn on syslog&debug messages of SPA112's voice application and capture them. It will help to identify issue source and cause.

Thanks Dan,

If it will happen again i will surely update the thread posting the logs of spa 112, and hope you can help me.