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SPA-2102 Not always responds to Off-Hook


I just bought a SPA-2102 (H/W 1.4.5(a), F/W 5.2.12). The unit is connected to WAN through WiFi and is assigned a public IP via DHCP. Two phones are connected to it, one to each of the ports.

I have two problems with it: First, when I get called, even though both phones ring, when I pick up any of them, I get no sound even though the caller is able to hear me. In the statistics page of the SPA, it appears that no bytes are received. There is absolutely no firewall anywhere on the network.

The second problem is that when I take any of the phones off-hook in order to make a call, many times I do not get a dialtone (even though the SPA is registered with my VoIP provider). Pressing and releasing the hook once usually gets me the tone.

I had the chance to connect a SPA-3102 in the place of my ATA and use one of my phones with it, and it worked flawlessly.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


Frequent Contributor

From your description the 2102 should be acting like the 3102 which is working.   You've put the same analog phone that's working with the 3102 on the 2102?  I had one analog phone where the off hook button wasn't working correctly and it didn't push back on the earpiece of the handset strongly enough so that the analog phone would never get placed on hook properly.

Yes, it was exactly the same phone (one of the two, since the 2102 has two phone ports instead of one of the 3102. Could this, in any way, be a hardware fault?

Frequent Contributor

It's possible though unlikely.

You'll want to compare the software config of the two.

Also compare the debug log when the same type of call is occuring.

Log is obtained by following this link

After obtaining log and config info, you'll probably want to discuss this with a support rep on the phone.  Contact info is at