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Spa-3102 [pstn --->voip] - Spa-3102 [voip--->pstn]

Good morning to everyone,

i write from italy and i have a problem by two weeks. I have bought 2 spa 3102 linksys to make a point to point system. My first 3102 ( is linked to pstn and then , when the line is voip,it gives the line to the other 3102 ( whitch is linked by ethernet,or wifi. Now, at my ..0.2 is linked the analogic phone. I have made all the configuration, i am able to make and receive calls without any problem. But when i receive calls, and it has closed by me , the caller remains connected to the line, hearing my telephone speaker, despite my phone is hooked.If i put up the receiver, the caller can still hear me. I have made upgrade to 5.1.10 (GW) firmware,but i have read that it has some bugs around disconnect tones. I have attached my personal configuration of two spa-3102. I hope you will be able to help me. Sorry for my bad english. If you need other informations about my spa 3102 configuration,please contact me.

Have a nice day.


Howard Wittenberg

You may be cabling the adapters using the "ethernet" jack instead of the "internet" jack.  If so, I think it will work better if you use an external router and cable the SPA3102's "internet" attachment to the router.

If possible I would also setup the router with a different local subnet than just to avoid any confusion in the SPA3102 between the internet port and its default local subnet in the built-in SPA3102 router. For instance, would be better.

In each SPA3102 you have the same sip port number setup on Line 1 Tab and the PSTN Line Tab.  I would setup different sip port numbers for each tab.  You can use any numbers you wish, but adjust your dial plans accordingly.

Attention to regional setting for Italy and to pstn line setting. See the attachment. I used some years to collect information and to arrive to make all perfect.

N.B. My configuration is PBX-->SPA3102 and not yours, but the line settings are the same.

Good luck.