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SPA112 does not detect the polycom soundstation2

I have 2 polycom soundstation2 phones connected to the cisco spa112 phone adapters. Surprisingly both of the phones stopped working. The port 1 and 2 does not detect the polycom phone(led is not on). However the polycom phone is in READY status but cannot make any calls, no dial tone


Restarted, re-registered , checked internet connection. Any suggestions????


Re: SPA112 does not detect the polycom soundstation2

There is nothing like "detection of connected phone" on analog line. On-hook phone and no phone connected at all is the same - LED will remain steady green even if you unplug analog cable from PHONE N socket of SPA112. Phone1/2 LED is off when line/port is not ready. Most common reasons - it's either administratively disabled (check configuration) or SIP side of SPA112 is not registered, thus SPA112 is unable to handle calls at all.


Check SPA112 state (Info tab of configuration screen), check configuration, turn on and catch syslog&debug messages of Voice application. It will either help you to solve the problem, or it will help us to determine further steps.

Re: SPA112 does not detect the polycom soundstation2

Sorry for the confusion. However the LED for phone1/2 is never ON even when
the analog phone line is connected. And I see that the line 1/2 is in "Not
Registered " state.

It was working a week ago and then it just stopped. Please let me know how
to register the line again

Re: SPA112 does not detect the polycom soundstation2

SPA112 may not register because

  • configuration has been lost. Configure it again.
  • configuration is no longer correct - VoIP operator may changed name of outgoing proxy or other parameters. Configure it again using current configuration parameters as required by VoIP operator.
  • it have no Internet connection at all.
  • registration is refused by VoIP operator - because you didn't paid your bills, violated an agreement or so - call operator support.