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SPA112 line status constantly blinking


I have a few of these that are doing it. I went to do some testing and make sure that we didnt need to get more and start testing FW 1.4.0 with our network.

System is solid green

internet is flashing green

one of the lines is flashing green like it is in use.

I pulled the phone cable and then power, left the phone cable out and restarted the ATA.

I get the same thing, as I stated above, like one of the lines are in use.

Also its the same line, it doesnt seem to move between the lines.

I have also plugged the phone cable back in thinking that maybe it will reset itself to on hook if it has a phone connected.

No go.

I then used the IVR **** 73738 1 to reset the device, did the whole thing again, same issue.

I did the factory default from the Web UI, same issue.

I did the Reset button on the back for 10 seconds, and 60 seconds as I have seen that suggested with similar problems on the forums.

Same issue.

Im currently running on the 1.3.5 as we have not done enough testing for the newest 1.4.0 with our network. So please dont suggest that as a fix at this time.

At the end of the day, that leaves me with a 2 port ATA but only 1 of those ports will work.

I have tested that as well, trying to setup our test number with that line that is "off hook" and it doesnt complete the call.

I can see that it has registered like it should, and hear the digits dial, but it doesnt complete.

Other than trying for a replacement, I'm not sure were to go with this.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.


Dan Lukes

No reason to guess the state of the line. Just use browser to visit status page of the ATA and read the true line status.

Note the line state is driven by phone, not by configuration. Configuration affects no line state.

Also note that disconnected wire is the same as line with unseized phone connected. If it claim "off-hook" state even with no wire plugged in, your ATA is broken.

On the current one that I have plugged in, line 1 is blinking green and in the status page it shows "off" next to hook state.

So I may have like 3-4 bad ATAs?

So sorry, but I see no chance for different conclusion.

The hook state is signaled by loop resistance. High resistance (including infinite, e.g. no loop at all) claim on-hook, low resistance (from zero to few hundreds of Ohms) claim off-hook.

If the input SLIC measure low resistance even if there's no wire closing the loop (so the resistance is infinite), then the SLIC circuit is broken beyond the matter of software configuration.

Well, as last resort attempt (chances are so low, but miracle may happen) - replace power adapter. Make sure there's no wire plugged into neither Line 1 nor Line 2. Reflash the ATA's firmware (even the same version if you wish) and reset device to factory default. Configure just IP address, so you can access the device by browser. Make no other configuration changes. Verify the line's hook status. Any status but 'On' claim your unit broken with no chance to repair it.

Return it to seller if under warranty, consider them just bricks otherwise. Sorry for those bad news.

Alright got one up and I think 1 or 2 might be bad.

Thanks for your responses.

Lucky that one had warranty still.

Again, thanks for your help.

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