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SPA112 - MWI issues


I have spent the last two months testing the SPA112 with respect to crashing after a few days and/or its failure to respond to a SIP NOTIFY reboot.  The environment I used had it running as an endpoint behind an Asterisk 1.6 or 1.8 server. 

I have now recently installed another unit on the Internet (behind NAT) and registering to a VOIP provider.  I have noticed some differing behavior regarding MWI.  I read the earlier MWI threads but could not actually nail down the disposition of these issues so here is what I am seeing.

MWI issue one: On the VOIP provider, (Vitelity), I receive MWI and the MWI status in the GUI shows "Yes".  Stutter tone, etc. looks good.  BUT - after they send MWI = no, and the interface screen reflects "No" (confirming the message receipt), the stutter tone never goes away.

MWI issue two:  Back to the 1st SPA that is on the Asterisk box:  Even though the polycom phones are seeing MWI correctly, the SPA never shows "Yes" on the GUI and never activates stutter tone.  So this is kind of the backwards condition of problem one.  It may be related to subscribing but I have not found any specific options in the GUI other than enabling the MWI (or VMWI).

Since I've been hot on the trail of memory leaks and reboot issues, I think maybe I'm late to the party on the MWI questions.  Anybody seeing these behaviors?  I am running the latest firmware.

Would appreciate Cisco's comments on this, Maybe Patrick/Lance/Nelson will chime in.


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George Spanos

Dale, I just tried this on my SPA running 1.3.1-003. I do not experience the same issue. Once the MWI is gone in the GUI (and call agent) the phone has a normal dialtone. My setup is different than yours, I am configured towards a call agent (not using Asterisk).

George-  Thanks for testing this.  Did you make any MWI-related setting changes or are you at default?  I can't think of any explanation as to why the GUI should say no MWI and yet the stutter tone continues - this seems like an internal inconsistency.  Actually this particular problem is not behind asterisk - it's registered to a Vitelity account.  The asterisk unit has the opposite problem...

We have an "auto" provisioning system so I can't say for sure if some options are default or not.

I changed:

Line 1 ->MWI serv = yes

          -> VMWI serv = yes

I just noticed under User 1, "Supplementary Service" has a "Message Waiting" option that I hadn't enabled. I enabled it, it made no difference, I still have normal functioning MWI.

On another note, I have an issue with my SPA presenting a "prompt tone" instead of a dialtone (Article) in a specific scenario, the setting for the tone wasn't wrong, it's actually a bug but you should confirm that your dial tone is set to the tones below. Just in the case that something messed up that setting (maybe provisioning system?).


Dial Tone


MWI Dial Tone:   



Thanks very much for checking this.  I had not noticed the Message Waiting option under "User".  However - it seems to just set and clear the MWI flag.  Without changing actual messages at all, if I set it to YES, the MWI comes on within a minute, and with NO, the MWI goes off.  I'd be curious if it does that for you.  This is my Asterisk-connected unit - I don't have access to the other one right now but I will test it as well.

Thanks again. --Dale

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