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SPA112 not allowing caller id to show

The new SPA112 ATA is not allowing caller id to be displayed on inbound calls.

ATA has been updated to firmware Spa112-Spa122_1.0.2_006_FW and has been configured for callcentric.

( in USA).

any suggestions ?


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I'm anxiously awaiting on an ETA for the fix.  I hope Eric can get this moving and resolved quickly.

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Can you get a debug log so we can see if the unit receives the call ID in the From of the SIP message?

Details on obtaining log at


I have the same problem. I am using an SPA112 with callcentric. I contacted callcentric and they said that they are sending the caller ID info to me, and they appear to be doing so. I looked at my web interface on the Voice Info page while calling my number, and sure enough the caller ID shows on the VOice info page, so yes the SPA112 is receiving the caller ID data. But, I tried 2 different phones with caller ID display and receieved and INCOMPLETE DATA message on one of the caller ID's. SO it seems that the SPA112 is not sending the caller ID info it has to the phone set properly. Can we get a CISCO engineer to verify?

Check Out:

I think this issue has something to do with impedance and frequency output of the data to the caller ID module of the phone set.



I just opened a case with the Cisco Small Business Support Center. They have now confirmed that this is a known issue that has been reproduced and is impacting multiple customers.

Unfortunately they have no ETA for the fix and said to keep an eye on the firmware downloads page.

My Panasonic cordless phones show no caller ID at all, and my AT&T Model 436 Caller ID box shows "LINE ERROR" when the Caller ID info is transmitted after the first ring. This leads me to believe that the issue is in the FSK signaling to the analog phones.

I'm using rather than CallCentric so this is impacting multiple VoIP carriers (which makes sense based on the behavior).


Thanks for getting this moving, it sucks to not have caller id.

I'm using an Elastix PBX (Asterisk) and when my IP phones that are in a ring group got caller id, but my analog Panasonic wireless handsets stopped getting it, it was easy to figure out where the problem was.   The caller ID worked before I upgraded the firmware on my SPA112 to 1.0.2(006).  I guess I'll roll back to  Hopefully the fix doesn't take to long since they've been able to reproduce the issue in the lab.

It seems to be intermittent with both firmwares..  I hope Cisco doesn't drag their feet on this one like they did with the other ATA's where a fix was promised for over a year and nothing.  My chinese knockoff Linksys PAP2 even has working caller id.

Unfortunately for us, this is a new product so there aren't many of us to complain about it. I'm hoping this issue is being treated as a high priority one. Caller ID is important for most businesses and even for home users.

So far, I have not been able to get any more information on this. I have been told that I will be contacted by an engineer in tier 2 support but that has not happened yet.

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Jim, I appreciate your follow up and intend on hitting the forum frequently until this is resolved. 

I'm not sure how a company like Cisco can let a product go to market with no caller id, pretty sad.

Apparently my case has still not been escalated due to backlog from the holidays (and I'm willing to bet a greater than average number of people are out all week on vacation).

However, it does sound like some similar cases have been escalated to tier 2 and that should help my case get more attention. As far as I'm concerned, more cases being opened on the same issue will lead to a quicker fix.

There is still no ETA for a firmware update, workaround, or anything else.

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center.

Sir what is your case number? I looked above but did not see it listed. I can personally check on this case and make sure that this is escalated for you, if it has not already been done. I can then email you back with the reults.


Eric Moyers

Cisco Network Support Engineer

SBSC Wireless and Surveillance SME

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless



Thanks for the reply. I will send my case number to you using the email link in your profile in a few minutes.

I'm anxiously awaiting on an ETA for the fix.  I hope Eric can get this moving and resolved quickly.

No word as of yet !!!

I called in this morning and was informed that my case is still in the process of being escalated and there are no other updates right now.

Cisco was short staffed this week like many other companies. I doubt we will hear anything else on this until Tuesday January 3  at the earliest.

Hello Mr.Keagy, Sorry for the delay in getting this escalated over the Holidays.. But I have escalated this today, If you have not heard anything from them by end of day tomorrow, please e-mail me and let me know.

Eric Moyers