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SPA112 restore configuration

The configurations restore is not working for me.

SPA112.2 FXS  Firmware 1.4.1 Hardware 1.1.0

I get:


Restore has failed.


SPA112 is restarting...You will be returned to the Login page in a few minutes.


Only two steps, Click backup (which works) then try and restore it.


Is there some trick to making this work? I have tried on Firefox and Chrome?



Re: SPA112 restore configuration


Re: SPA112 restore configuration

@Dan Lukes wrote:

Well known and discussed already.

It is may be an unaddressed well known fault, however:
I am but a simple user who followed the recipe of my VOIP provider and Cisco's website which states:


As with any firmware release, read these release notes before you upgrade the firmware. We also recommend that you back up the configuration before you perform any firmware upgrade."


That should state: "Backup your configurations using 'http://admin:password@<ip addr>/admin/config.xml'

and also make an additional record of your configured passwords"


The takeaway lesson, for me, is that one should read all of the outstanding bug reports prior to purchasing a product.



Re: SPA112 restore configuration

That should state:

There are no simple "catch all" recipes in IT. I remember releases exporting broken config.xml.


There's more complex lesson:

  1. don't repair unless broken (don't upgrade unless you are affected by an issue)
  2. don't expect bug-free product, be ready for rollback (and take into consideration that even rollback may not be possible)


one should read all of the outstanding bug reports prior to purchasing a product.

Good, but this helps only to a limited extent. Vendor often don't publish most critical  bugs. Cisco have no public list of outstanding bug reports at all. Just few bugs are mentioned in "Open caveats" section of Release Notes, but that's all.