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SPA122 backdoor for firmware update?


does anyone know a way to easily upgrade on a brandnew SPA122 with shipped FW 1.0.1?

The environment has NO options capable DHCP server (only 'simple' DHCP), NOR a TFTP server and NO WAY of accessing the network!

Available is a PC for configuration over a web interface or by using an EXE file that pushes the firmware to the device, and a HTTP server on the internet.

Thanks for helping!


Dan Lukes

If you have PC under your control in the same LAN, then set an IP from range as alias on it's network card, then run a TFTP server on it (free TFTP server can be found usign Google), then use browser to configure device to use such TFTP server for upgrade.

Not comfortable, but should work.

I am trying to upgrade my firmware but when I login and go to the Administration tab there is no option for "Firmware Upgrade".  It does not even display on the screen.  How can I get the firmware upgraded if there is not the option for this?

What's your current firmware ?

What's value of "Customization" option (on product information page) ?

By the way - your question is reply to comment describing how to upgrade device with no such button. Did you considered such method ?


And the final question ...

... it's necessary to ask the same three times within 9 hours ?

If you need solution right now, you should call Cisco's support ...

The reason I am trying to upgrade the firmware is we were no longer getting a dial tone on the system.  This has been working fine and it just started yesterday.  Then today it all of a sudden started working again.

Firmware Version:1.2.1 (004) Jul 27 2012
Recovery Firmware:1.2.0 (001)

I asked because of known issue SPA1xx Firmware Upgrade: No Browse Button

But it doesn't apply to 1.2.1.

Unfortunately, you didn't responded to my other questions - the value of "Customization" option as well as "did you tried other suggested upgrade method". I still consider the other upgrade method as solution.

Well, 1.2.1 is known to be buggy and should be upgraded, there is at least one known bug causing dial tone become lost. But I wish your main issue (e.g. dial tone lost) has been caused by other problem.

Dial tone is not here if a unit is not ready to accept calls. For example if it's not registered to upstream SIP proxy. It may be caused by network issue, SIP proxy blackout, misconfiguration on your's voice provider side.

So you should upgrade firmware, but it may not solve your problem. If the issue will retirn in the future, you should inspect status page of WWW UI. Verify the device is still registered to SIP proxy. If not, capture of SIP communication from your's devices to upstream proxy may disclose further information related to issue.


Rate useful advices. It will help others to found solutions.


Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Hi Eik,

No backdoor required.

I read that you say "NO WAY of accessing the network!"

Why not connect your PC directly to the SPA122's ETHERNET port and manually change the PC's IP address? If you can do this, then you can upgrade the SPA122.

Refer to the SPA122 Admin Guide for specific details.


  1. Download to your PC, the current SPA122 firmware from here
  2. Connect your PC to the ETHERNET port of the SPA122.
  3. Configure your PC to be on the subnet.
  4. Use your PC to access the SPA122 at
  5. Log in as the admin user
  6. Navigate to the Administration tab > Firmware upgrade
  7. Locate the SPA122 firmware that you downloaded in step 1





all this is unfortunately not possible! I know about ALL this 'standard stuff', and my question here is if there is any other way to - differently said -

-> CHANGE A SPA122 TO A SPA112 <-

Let me explain it this way, to give you some kind of a picture:

The SPA122 must be installed in a place, far far away from any accessible computer. And even if there was a PC, there is absolutely no way to change it's IP Address. For some other reasons I need the 2nd LAN port, that's why it must be a SPA122 and not a 112. No, there is no computer on the 2nd LAN port... There must be a way to SOMEHOW access the SPA122 via the 'Internet' port, as with the old SPA-2102 (IVR 7932 or 201 to switch to bridge mode).

We have A LOT of setups all over Germany and can give good phone support for the SPA-2102. We really depend on the SPA122 having the same behaviour as the SPA-2102 for setup!!!!!!! (and some more exclamation marks!)

And as the old behaviour may hopefully come back in a future firmware I definitely need to know, how to push a new firmware on the device over the WAN interface. (Again, LAN interface and 15's network NOT POSSIBLE!)

I hope, I expressed my question correctly this time and help is on the way :-)



Hi Patrick,


I am trying to upgrade my firmware on the SPA122 but when I login and go to the Administration tab there is no option for "Firmware Upgrade".  It does not even display on the screen.  How can I get the firmware upgraded if there is not the option for this?


I think SPA122 has a NAT keepalive option that's off by default. Turn it on. It makes the ATA send NOTIFY messages every 15 seconds. You can't receive inbound traffic on a NAT router without sending outbound traffic first, and since registration is so infrequent, the rule that allows inbound "established" traffic eventually times out and inbound calls fail, and here any Printer is in error state try this.





It seems you response have no relationship to thread topic (moreover, this thread is very old). Did you submitted your response in incorrect thread ? In such case lets me know (here) the correct thread. I will move it.