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Alex Wilson

SPA122 device bricked

SPA122 device, FW version 1.4.1 (002) is completely bricked, no packets sent at all, so it's looks like bootloader is corrupted too.

I want reflash it via serial connection or via Jtag (if it supported). I assume any modern device these days should support JTAG.

Tried to find any cisco guide or instruction how to reflash firmware on that ATA, but didn't find anything at all. Or, at least minimal info on serial / jtag connection.

I just find old broken SPA112 ATA PCB, there is 4-pin debug test points (J2) on PCB at the bottom left corner: is it serial port test points?


I think the SPA122 version with integrated router should have the same PCB form factor with min difference.

Where is TX, RX, GND pins? Need some help about reflashing ATA via serial connection, or, maybe via JTAG, if it available/enabled. Reflashing via JTAG would be much handy.

Dan Lukes

As far as I know, bootloader is newer rewritten, thus it can't be broken (unless memory hardware failure). Thus it's questionable the JTAG can help.

Tried to find any cisco guide or instruction how to reflash firmware on that ATA, but didn't find anything at all.

There's no public documentation related to it.

And there's no third party/unofficial documentation avaiable (as far as I know)

Your device is either in warranty (then apply for replacement) or is out of warranty (Cisco will not help you then).

Well, if JTAG is  not available, then how to upload FW use serial connection?

This should be quite possible, can anyone hint me where is Rx, Tx, Gnd pins at least?

Replace all occurrences of word JTAG by word serial in my previous comment and consider it response to your question.

May be someone reverse engineered the wiring and will respond here, but even simple technical question remain unanswered here (unless I can answer) thus I don't expect happy end.


Hello Alex,

I do not know if it has been mentioned or suggested before, the SPA122 is available from places online in the U.S. from $35-$60.  Unless there is something critical on the device you need it might be more cost effective to recycle the SPA122, purchase a new unit, and reprovision the new SPA122.  

Good luck.



I don't agree. For me such approach is not an engineering way to solving technical problems, that's simply wrong. Recycle almost new device and buying new unit without trying to fix ATA not the best way, as I think.

I'm with you. Unfortunately, you bought wrong brand then - Cisco is not honoring it.