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SPA122 - One-way audio and cannot recover until dialout

Hi team,

I got two problems reported so far that looks quite similar behavior between my customers (let's call it Leg A) and a remote destination (Leg B)

Leg A receives a call (we use the SPA122 with firmware 1.3.2) and the call goes on for several minutes. At some point, Leg A can no longer hear or be heard by Leg B. Leg B hangs up and calls Leg A again, the phone rings but no audio is heard by Leg A.

This can go on until Leg A initiate the call. At that time, the audio is working again.

I don't have a clear understanding at what triggers this but wanted to raise it to the community in case someone experienced this too. It is hard to figure out how many other issues happened since not every people take the time to report such issue.

I have not capture anything, obviously I will have to try reproducing this as I cannot turn debugging on all our customer base.



Dan Lukes

Well, common source problem with audio, even the one way one, is NAT or (statefull) firewall. Learned rules may expire. Of course, it's not only possible reason. It needs to be confirmed or rejected. Unfortunatelly, it's hard to do it off-site.

I cannot turn debugging on all our customer base.

Why ? I have debug turned on on all devices on all networks I'm administering. I'm catching all the messages all the times ...

Hi Dan,

NAT and/or Firewall would block incoming packets, not outgoing ones. Furthermore, the packets capture shows RTP still flowing from the ATA to our PBX and back.

While I must admit I may have been confusing in my initial report, our customer indicated she could hear the other party.

Anyway, I guess I could turn debugging on the units moving forward. It is just that you generate unnecessary traffic most of the time.