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SPA122 or SPA3102 - how many VoIP/SIP waiting connections possible?


Sorry if questions not for this topic.

Sorry if my English is not good.

Questions for developers/engineers/programmers of this devices for thoughtful answers.

Want to buy SPA122 or SPA3102 but found different answers for my questions from internet and also frome some pages of your site, so some pages of your site about this devices don't talk about necessary information or different discrepant information there are writen about what I want to know.

Hotline in my country can't sure the answers.

I don't need to use FXO. I don't know how many SIP/VoIP waiting connections will necessary in my practice but I plan to use 3-5 SIP/VoIP: 1-2 for incoming calls and 2-3 another for outcoming.

How many SIP (VoIP) gateways/servers/providers possible to program and to have in waiting-mode simultaneously for each this devices (SPA3102 or SPA122): for in and/or for out?

Does it possible to program in SPA122 all this VoIP gateways/servers/providers for only 1 FXS for 1 analog phone device? If Yes than does it will beep alert if other incoming call?

Does it possible for SPA122 to program all this VoIP gateways/servers/providers for 2 FXS for parallel mode of 2 analog phones but if one of them is busy then to receive another incoming calls by second analog phone or to call out by it by hot-key choose required line?!

Does the SPA3102 has more bad/poor hardware and software than SPA122? Because it's more old model and if read datasheets than SPA3102 has some less capabilities. Or for home tasks SPA3102 is enough and will up-to-date?

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Wrong forum, post in "small business - ATA and adapters". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.


Paolo Bevilacqua, thanks. Removed.

Several days of trying to get answers all the pathes but no sure results.

Hope, somebody will help me here with answers.