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SPA122 some Customer Service IVRs not recognizing DTMF since recent firmwware

Hello, I have a SPA122 with 1.4.1 SR5. Since applied I have noticed when I call Customer Service for some organizations the IVR does not recognize my selection, however for other organizations it works just fine. Example: if the IVR says select 1 for ... I press 1 on the keypad I hear the tone but nothing happens from the IVR. If I wait and a rep answers they cannot also hear me. This issue is frustrating because almost every organization uses IVR within their Customer Service department and I observed it is working for some organizations but not others. Example Cisco Customer Support 1 (800) 553-6387 select 1 for French doesn't work.


I never had this issue before with earlier firmware versions. I tried the reset.


SR4 lists CSCvp64815 SPA122: DTMF transmit mistake during concurrent call on port 1& as a bug fix. Can a recent bug fix introduce the described issue? Anyone can confirm same issue as I with 1.4.1 SR5?